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Movie events on the 5th November


Guy Fawkes attempts to blow up the Houses of Parliament. (London) (V for Vendetta)


Gulliver encounters a storm and winds up in Lilliput. (Gulliver's Travels)


Dorian Gray visits his former sweetheart's grave, and is shot at by her brother. (Dorian Gray)


High schooler Richard Samuels ditches school and hops a bus for New York City. There he impresses Orson Welles into casting him in the role of Lucius, Brutus' page, in his landmark modern-dress production of "Julius Caesar". (New York City, New York) (Me & Orson Welles)


Bucky "Mr Ice" Bleichert takes on his future partner, Lee "Mr Fire" Blanchard in a charity boxing match; Bleichert takes a dive in the 8th round. (Los Angeles, Ca) (The Black Dahlia)


Marty McFly arrives in Hill Valley, from 1985; Doc Brown invents the flux capacitor when he slips off his toilet. (Back to the Future)


"Maverick" Mitchell's father is shot down while flying a Navy F4 Phantom. (Top Gun)


Richard Nixon elected U.S. President. (Nixon)


Donald Segretti is sentenced to six months in prison. (All the President's Men)


Caroline Feller commits suicide by driving into a tree, leaving two daughters - Rose and Maggie - in the care of her husband. (In Her Shoes)


Newcomer Cecil Porter and Detective Bill Tuggle are shot to death by newcomers. (Los Angeles, California) (Alien Nation)


Bridget Jones falls down a fireman's pole onto a camera. (Lewisham, London) (Bridget Jones's Diary)


DAILY NEWS headline: "NEW CONGRESSMAN CELEBRATES VICTORY... WITH BAR BRAWL." (New York City) (The Adjustment Bureau)

After Zoe joins Eric, Linus, Hutch and Windows on their trip to Skywalker Ranch, Eric and Linus meet their contact while Hutch and Windows fall in with a pair of escorts and their pimp. (Las Vegas, Nevada) (Fanboys)


Johnny Damon, Ron Gant, Jason Giambi, Gil Heredia, Jason Isringhausen and Greg Myers granted Free Agency by the Oakland Athletics. (Moneyball)


Vince wins a gold star when he finds a lost boy in the store by wrestling him to the groun. (Super Club superstore) (Employee of the Month)


The media finds out that Bud Johnson has to vote in order to break a tie. (Texico, New Mexico) (Swing Vote)


Blaire Lily messages Ryan Malvone through Facebook messenger (Fresno, California) (Unfriended)


The Old Bailey is blown up by V. (V for Vendetta)


V destroys Larkhill Detention Centre. (Larkhill Detention Centre) (V for Vendetta)


CraveOnline article "Just the Bad Guys: Mexico's SuperMax Prison Trades Human Guards for Robots" is published. (RoboCop)

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