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Movie events on the 29th November


The Sand Creek Massacre. (Kiowa County, Colorado) (Iron Man 3)


H.I. McDunnough first meets his future wife, the little desert flower Ed -- short for Edwinna -- at the county lock-up in Tempe, Arizona. (Maricopa County Maximum Security Correctional Facility for Men,) (Raising Arizona)


Dehlia Draycott dies. (Hollywood, CA) (Nancy Drew)


H.I. McDonough meets future wife Edwina as she takes his mugshot in the Maracopa County Jail. (Tempe, Arizona) (Raising Arizona)

H.I. McDunnough is booked into the county lock-up and meets his future bride Edwina. (Tempe, Arizona) (Raising Arizona)


Joshua Strader is released. (Alien Nation)


Vince is forced to sell his car for (Super Club superstore) (Employee of the Month)


Pete and Debbie see doctors. (Los Angeles, California) (This Is 40)


Alex Jones is in custody as Detective David Loki investigates the case of the missing girls. (Conyer, Pennsylvania) (Prisoners)

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