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Thursday 16th July: The date on a document of prints.


Tuesday 8th January: An article detailing the Pierce family massacre is published.

Sunday 7th April: An article titled "NICA PIERCE RULED INSANE" is posted at 9:03 AM.

Wednesday 10th April: An article titled "NICA PIERCE RULED INSANE" is updated at 6:05 PM.

Friday 1st November: Andy Barclay brings Chucky's head to Dr. Foley and shoots it to prove that he's alive and Nica is innocent. Foley is unconvinced. A video of the incident is uploaded online as "Proof Chucky Did It."

Tuesday 19th November: Nica Pierce's mental state is documented.


Tuesday 24th January: publishes an article titled "CHUCKY DID IT...AGAIN? TWO PATIENTS DEAD AT ASYLUM" at 9:33 AM ET. Andy Barclay reads the article and leaves his cabin to head to Harrogate.

Wednesday 25th January: Andy Barclay arrives at Harrogate Psychiatric Hospital and gets committed so that he can help Nica fight Chucky.

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