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Movie events on the 15th March


Julius Caesar killed. (Julius Caesar)


Takeda Harunobu attacks Toishi Castle in Murakami's domain in Shinano; however, aided by the rugged terrain and expecting Murakami reinforcements, the castle commander, Kasahara Kiyoshige, resists strongly. (Shinano, Japan) (Samurai Banners)


Czar Nicholas II abdicates the throne of Russia. (Nicholas and Alexandra)


The Szpilman family move from their own house to a workhouse. (The Pianist)


Max Cherry is born. (Jackie Brown)


Ernesto and Alberto face security at the mine. (The Chiquicamata Mine, Chile) (The Motorcycle Diaries)


Earliest phone call made to the GOP from Watergate burglars. (All the President's Men)

Actor Edward Lionheart comes out of retirement and murders critic George Maxwell. (London) (Theatre of Blood)


George McFly wins a writing award, or is killed, depending on the timeline. (Hill Valley, CA) (Back to the Future Part II)

President Nixon hints that the United States might intervene again in Vietnam to prevent communist violations of the truce. (Nixon)


Clive has sex with Dren. Dren later becomes male, kills Barlow, Gavin, and Clive, and rapes Elsa, possibly impregnating her in the process. (Splice)


The original prediction for the end of the world. (Seeking a Friend for the End of the World)


Caesar the ape is kicked out of the house. Jody saves the children from their dead mother. (Scary Movie 5)

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