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A post office called The First Post becomes a public house. (Newton Haven, UK)


UK's first roundabout is built. (Newton Haven, UK)


Monday 3rd January: Gary King is born. (Newport Haven, UK)


Andy and Gary reenact the Knife Game from Aliens. Gary stabs Andy in the middle finger. (Newport Haven, UK)


A future fitness instructor whom Steven Price will date is born. (UK)

Gary and Steve play cricket. Gary accidentally pushes Steve onto a broken bottle that nearly goes up his ass. (UK)


Pete gets a 50cc Suzuki. He lets Gary drive it, but Gary runs over his leg. (Newport Haven, UK)


Pete Page sells a car to Gary King, who calls it "The Beast." (Newton Haven, UK)


Friday 22nd June: Gary "The King" King, Andrew "Andy" Knightley, Steven "Steve" Price, Oliver "Ollie/O-Man" Chamberlain, and Peter "Pete" Page have their last day of school and then drink at eleven pubs. They do not reach The World's End. (Newton Haven, UK)


December: Gary has an overdose. Andy drives him to the hospital four times over the limit and ends up rolling the car and almost severing his femoral artery, at which point Gary makes a "miraculous recovery" and runs off into the night, leaving Andy to get arrested after twelve hours of life-saving surgery. (UK)


Steven Price gets a firm. (UK)


Selina and Steven Price get divorced. (UK)


Steven Price's firm is bought out. (UK)


Gary King brings the whole gang back together for a pub crawl that will conclude with The World's End. They discover that most of the people in town have been replaced by robots who are not really robots. (Newport Haven, UK)

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