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Nuclear submarine USS Nautilus (SSN-571) attracts Godzilla to the ocean surface for the first time in millions of years; a series of nuclear weapons are detonated in a failed attempt to kill Godzilla, officially classified as nuclear tests under the name Operation Castle (Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands)


Dr. Ishiro Serizawa, working with Monarch, investigates the collapse of a mine in the Philippines that catalyzes and causes the hatching of the male M.U.T.O. egg. (The Philippines)

Sunday 28th February: Joe Brody's birthday; Male M.U.T.O. causes collapse of Janjira Nuculear Energy Facility and begins feeding off of the plant's energy, causing the death of several plant workers (including Sandra Brody) and the evacuation of the city of Janjira. (Janjira, Japan)


Lieutenant Ford Brody returns from 14-month deployment as EOD in US Military; Godzilla fights and defeats both M.U.T.O.s in San Francisco and returns to the ocean. (San Francisco, California)

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