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Movie events on the 29th October


The Day the Bubble Burst, aka Black Tuesday, aka the Great Crash, aka the collapse of the New York Stock Exchange. (New York) (The Day the Bubble Burst)

George Bailey & Mary Hatch marry; The Bailey Building & Loan manages to stay open with only $2 left. (Bedford Falls, New York) (It's a Wonderful Life)

The New York Chronicle runs the headline "Stock Market Collapses." Variety runs the headline "Theatres Dump Vaude-Switch to Pix." The Billboard runs the headline "Free Dishes Fail to Hypo Biz." (There's No Business Like Show Business)

Wall Street Stock Market Crash. (New York City) (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps)


At midnight, war begins. By lunch, Pffeifelstad falls under heavy shelling. High command advances to Nebelsbad and inhabits the Grand Budapest Hotel. Monsieur Gustave H., his ward Zero Moustafa, and Zero's girlfriend Agatha infiltrate the Grand Budapest and find the secret will of Madame Celine Villenueve Desgoffe und Taxis. (Zubrowka) (The Grand Budapest Hotel)


Lady Sarah Ashley, the Drover et al arrive in Darwin with 1,500 cattle ready for the army after successfully crossing the desert despite the evil designs of their enemy King Carney. (Darwin, Australia) (Australia)


Ellie Grimbridge investigates her father's death with Dr. Daniel Challis. (Northern California) (Halloween III: Season of the Witch)


Marjolaine Legault is born. (Illinois) (Source Code)


Hallowe'en party at the Darko's. (Donnie Darko)


Michael Myers kills Marion Chambers and two teenage boys. (Langdon, Illinois) (Halloween: H20)


Marjolaine Legault's driver's license is issued. (Gibson Valley, Illinois) (Source Code)


G-Force ends up in a pet store and they try to escape. (Los Angeles, California) (G-Force)

Laurie Strode, now living with the Brackets, has a nightmare about Michael Myers. (Haddonfield, Illinois) (Halloween 2)


Daily Sentinel headline: "Hornet Starting A Gang War!" (Los Angeles, California) (The Green Hornet)


Spider-Man swings through the city. (New York City, New York) (The Amazing Spider-Man)


Marjolaine Legault's driver's license expires. (Illinois) (Source Code)


Laura Crane is at a restaurant talking to her date on Flirtr. She exits the restaurant to help him find her, but is ambushed and murdered in an alley by her student Jason Carvey. (New York City, New York) (Scream VI)

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