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The story of Tropic Thunder takes place in winter. (South East Vietnam)


Tugg Speedman is third runner-up Sexiest Man Alive.

Jeff Portnoy does a low-budget titty comedy called Sex Camp.


Friday 28th December: I Am Sam, which features Sean Penn playing a retarded man, is released.


Kevin Sandusky does an anti-herpes medicine commercial.


Tuesday 27th November: Les Grossman is featured on the cover of Forbes.


Scorcher VI: Global Meltdown, which stars Tugg Speedman, is released in winter.

Satan's Alley, which stars Kirk Lazarus and Tobey Maguire, is released in fall.

The Fatties: Fart Two, starring Jeff Portnoy, is released in summer.

Tugg Speedman, Kik Lazarus, Jeff Portnoy, Alpa Chino, and Kevin Sandusky have problems filming Tropic Thunder when a gourp known as Flaming Dragon gets involved. (Vietnam)

Tugg Speedman isn't able to cry while filming a scene for Tropic Thunder. The film falls one month behind schedule after an explosion happens pre-maturely. (Quang Tri Province, Vietnam)


January: Tugg Speedman wins an Oscar for his role in Tropic Blunder. (Hollywood, California)


The year that Scorcher, a film that stars Tugg Speedman, takes place.

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