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Movie history events from 1995

Eminem raps his way to victory. (8 Mile)

Ace Ventura investigates a stolen dolphin mascot. (Miami Gardens, FL) (Ace Ventura: Pet Detective)

Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy are born. (New York City) (The Amazing Spider-Man)

Peter Sarsgaard (Burkittesville, MD) (The Blair Witch Project)

Lincoln Rhyme's body is almost cut in half when a steel beam falls on top of him while investigating a crime scene in a collapsed tunnel. This leaves him paralysed. (New York City) (The Bone Collector)

A year on a box. (The Bounty Hunter)

Marie Helena Kreutz pays her electric bills. (Spain) (The Bourne Identity)

Four kids, Evan, Kayleigh, Tommy and Lenny, go off the rails, or on the rails, depending on the timeline. (The Butterfly Effect)

According to Mitzi, this is the year in which she married Marty Huggins. (Pine Crest, North Carolina) (The Campaign)

Patrick Patrickson sees a scrunchie. (Swallow Falls) (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs)

John McClane takes on "Simon" to foil a heist at the Federal Reserve. (New York City, NY) (Die Hard: With a Vengeance)

A documentary film crew films the Mount Rose American Teen Princess pageant. It is won by Becky Lehman, who dies when the floats she is on at a parade blows up. (Mount Rose, Minnesota) (Drop Dead Gorgeous)

Mary starts working at Reynold's Extract. (Ohio) (Extract)

Eric Bottler and Linus see each other for the last time until Halloween 1998. (Fanboys)

Elise Eliot, Brenda Cushman and Annie Paradis form the First Wives Club, to get revenge on their former husbands who abandoned them. (New York) (First Wives Club)

Alex quits his job as an accountant and becomes a video game tester. (Grandma's Boy)

Dade Murphy and his hacker friends thwart Eugene "The Plague" Belford's virus, avoiding worldwide ecological disaster. (New York) (Hackers)

Julie James gets a Certificate of Achievement for being in the Student Tutor Program. (Southport, North Carolina) (I Know What You Did Last Summer)

Dan Thompkins dies. (Jeff, Who Lives at Home)

Gertie Trinke born, and her mother Gertrude dies in childbirth. (New York) (Jersey Girl)

Judy and Peter join the 'Jumanji' board-game started 26 years earlier by Alan Parrish and Sarah Whittle. (Jumanji)

David Lizewski is born. (New York City, New York) (Kick-Ass)

The Power Rangers stop evil Ivan Ooze from destroying the city by gaining the Ninja Megazord. (Angel Grove) (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie)

Folkist Fred Knox dies, and daughter Sissy Knox is asked by George Menschell to take her father's place in The Main Street Singers. (A Mighty Wind)

Yankees start making $20,000,000 (Moneyball)

Anna Fitzgerald donates blood to Kate. (My Sister's Keeper)

Johnny sees his aunt. (Night of the Living Dead 3D)

Freddy Krueger is burnt alive for molesting children. (Springwood, Ohio) (A Nightmare on Elm Street)

Courtney Babcock is born. (Blithe Hollows) (ParaNorman)

William Castle, son of Frank Castle, born. (The Punisher)

Lisa Barbara Castle is born. (Punisher: War Zone)

Nick Leeson causes a financial meltdown. (Rogue Trader)

Roman Bridger finds Maureen Prescott. (Woodsboro, CA) (Scream 3)

Michael Jordan helps the Looney Tunes win a basketball game against the Monstars. (Space Jam)

Street Fighter. (Shadaloo, South East Asia) (Street Fighter)

T-1000 arrives from the future to kill John Connor, now protected by a reprogrammed T-800. (Terminator 2: Judgment Day)

According to Todd Peterson, his father died in an explosion after this year. (That's My Boy)

Andy receives a Buzz Lightyear action figure for his birthday. His cowboy toy Woody gets jealous. Woody and Buzz end up in Sid's house and escape as Andy moves to a new house. (Toy Story)

Short-sighted retailers do not order enough Buzz Lightyear toys to meet demand. (Toy Story 2)

Wedding rings are made. (The Wedding Date)

January: Will Hunting impersonates a police officer. (Boston, MA) (Good Will Hunting)

Sunday 1st January: Bridget Jones meets Mark Darcy at Una & Geoffrey Alconbury's New Year's Day Turkey Curry Buffet. (Bridget Jones's Diary)

Friday 6th January: Holden McNeil and Banky Edwards appear in an article in the Two River Times, which also reports that Brodie Bruce has left The Tonight Show. (Chasing Amy)

Friday 20th January: Laura Barns is born (Unfriended)

Saturday 4th February: Scott Smith dies from AIDS-related pneumonia. (San Francisco, California) (Milk)

Tuesday 14th February: Chris Brander sends fellow high school senior Jamie Palamino a dozen red roses. (New Jersey) (Just Friends)

Tuesday 28th February: Tricia Jones goes down on a guy at his house. (Leonardo, New Jersey) (Mallrats)

Wednesday 1st March: Tricia Jones goes down on a guy outside. (Leonardo, New Jersey) (Mallrats)

Thursday 2nd March: Tricia Jones goes down on a guy and has sex with him indoors. (Leonardo, New Jersey) (Mallrats)

Friday 3rd March: Tricia Jones has sex with a guy. (Leonardo, New Jersey) (Mallrats)

Saturday 4th March: Tricia Jones goes down on a guy. (Leonardo, New Jersey) (Mallrats)

Thursday 9th March: Barbara Hummel, wife of General Francis Hummel, died. (The Rock)

Friday 17th March: Ronnie Kray dies. (Broadmoor Hospital, Slough, England) (The Krays)

Sunday 26th March: Angela Bennett is nearly killed over a computer disc, and has her identity stolen. (Mexico) (The Net)

Wednesday 29th March: Angela Bennett arrives back in the USA (as Ruth Marks) after her identity is stolen. (The Net)

Friday 31st March: Selena Quintanilla is shot and killed by Yolanda Saldivar. (Corpus Christi, Texas) (Selena)

Wednesday 5th April: Martin Asher kills Stuart Boyd and takes his identity. (Taking Lives)

Wednesday 19th April: The Oklahome bombing occurs. (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) (The Number 23)

Friday 28th April: The Houston Comets win a pick in the NBA lottery. (I Know What You Did Last Summer)

May: Dave Lockwood graduates from Princeon University after just three years. (Princeton, New Jersey) (The Change-Up)

Tuesday 16th May: Woodrow Johnson born. (Lazer Team)

June: With the help of Peter Pettigrew's hand, Harry Potter's blood and his father's bone, Lord Voldemort returns to physical form. (Little Hangleton, England) (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire)

June: Using a spell of Dark Magic, Lord Voldemort is returned to physical form; word of this reaches Albus Dumbledore, who acts immediately to reactive the Order of the Phoenix. (Little Hangleton, England) (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire)

June: At their graduation, Chris Brander asks Jamie Palamino to be more than just friends. (New Jersey) (Just Friends)

Friday 23rd June: Drug Variety Magazine announces that the anti-depression drug Gleemonex, produced by Roritor Pharmaceuticals, topped the weekend sales chart for June 15th-18th. Gleemonex even beat Penicillin. (Kids In the Hall: Brain Candy)

Saturday 24th June: South Africa wins the Rugby World Cup when they beat New Zealand 15-12. (Johannesburg, South Africa) (Invictus)

Saturday 1st July: ATF Agent Ray Nicolet records the trial run for the money exchange for Ordell Robbie on his digital audio recorder at 3:07pm. (LAX Airport Parking Structure Row F Structure D) (Jackie Brown)

Wednesday 5th July: According to the article "Girl Dead In Car Accident," Susie Willis dies of drowning when her car skids out of control into the reefs near Dawsnon's Beach. The driver, David Egan, who was engaged to her, is unharmed. (Southport, North Carolina) (I Know What You Did Last Summer)

Wednesday 5th July: An article saying "MERLINS SCORE BIG" is published. (Southport, North Carolina) (I Know What You Did Last Summer)

Wednesday 5th July: Novalee Nation gives birth in a Wal-Mart, creating a media sensation. (Oklahoma) (Where The Heart Is)

August: Gertie Trinke born, and her mother Gertrude dies in childbirth. (New York) (Jersey Girl)

Tuesday 8th August: A documentary featuring former boxer Dicky Eklund and his crack cocaine addiction airs on HBO. (The Fighter)

Monday 28th August: Footage of the alien autopsy at Roswell broadcast on television. (Alien Autopsy)

September: Cotton Weary is framed for the murder of Sydney's mother Maureen. (Woodsboro, CA) (Scream)

Wednesday 6th September: After moving from Seattle, Dade Murphy begins his Senior Year of High School in NYC. (New York City) (Hackers)

Wednesday 6th September: Dade Murphy meets Kate Libby for the first time. (New York City) (Hackers)

Friday 8th September: Dade Murphy goes to Cyberdelia for the first time. Meets with Phreak and Joey. Also beats Kate Libby's high score in the arcade video game "Wipeout". (New York City) (Hackers)

October: Two-Face threatens to blow up the Gotham City Charity Circus unless someone gives him Batman's identity. In an attepmt to get rid of the explosives, the Flying Graysons are murdered. Only Dick, the youngest, survives. (Gotham City, USA) (Batman Forever)

October: Edward Nygma invents The Box, a device that allows the viewer to "enter" the TV program he is watching. At the same time, Nygma is able to syphon the viewer's brain waves. (Gotham City, USA) (Batman Forever)

Friday 13th October: A film adaptation of The Scarlet Letter starring Demi Moore is released. (Easy A)

Friday 13th October: Dade Murphy and Kate Libby enlist the help of notorious hackers Razor & Blade in order to download a worm program and destroy the Da Vinci Virus within Ellingson Mineral's computer system. (New York City) (Hackers)

Saturday 14th October: Dade Murphy, Kate Libby, Paul Cook, and Joey Pardello are arrested at Grand Central Station while trying to hack into Ellingson Mineral Corp. (New York City) (Hackers)

Wednesday 25th October: Dory's Uncle Was Taken From Cuba To California (California) (Finding Nemo)

Monday 30th October: Jamie Lloyd gives birth to a baby boy. Michael Myers starts pursuing the newborn. (Haddonfield, Illinois) (Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers)

Tuesday 31st October: Two-Face and the Riddler invade Wayne Manor and kidnap Dr Chase Meridian, laying waste to the Batcave in the process. Batman pairs with his new partner, Robin, to save her. (Gotham City, USA) (Batman Forever)

Tuesday 31st October: Tommy Doyle helps Kara Strode and her children protect the now deceased Jamie Lloyd's baby boy Stephen from Michael Myers. (Haddonfield, Illinois) (Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers)

November: Andy's mom's license plate expires. (Toy Story)

Sunday 5th November: Bridget Jones falls down a fireman's pole onto a camera. (Lewisham, London) (Bridget Jones's Diary)

Thursday 9th November: 138lb, cigarettes 3... Bridget Jones's 33rd birthday, plus someone else's in a restaurant, disturbed by a fight between Mark Darcy and Daniel Cleaver. (Bridget Jones's Diary)

Thursday 16th November: President Andrew Shepherd and Sydney Ellen Wade attend a State Dinner together. (Washington D.C.) (The American President)

Friday 17th November: President Andrew Shepherd tries to have flowers sent to Sydney. He can't as he has no credit card. He ends up sending her a Virginia ham instead. (White House, Washington D.C.) (The American President)

Saturday 18th November: Sydney has dinner with President Andrew Shepherd and his daughter Lucy. After dinner, the president and Sydney share a kiss. (White House, Washington D.C.) (The American President)

Sunday 19th November: During a Press Conference, two news reporters ask President Andrew Shepherd about his relationship with Sydney Wade. The president answers that they just had dinner. Later that night, Sydney decides to visit the White House to tell Andrew Shepherd that they should stop seeing each other. They end up making love. (The White House, Washington D.C.) (The American President)

Monday 20th November: The press finds out that Sydney spent the night at the White House. (The White House, Washington D.C.) (The American President)

December: Ollie takes Gertrude to meet his father and asks her to marry him. (Highlands, New Jersey) (Jersey Girl)

December: Borgasm: The Movie premiers. (Mallrats)

Tuesday 5th December: Novalee Nation's daughter Americus is kidnapped. (Sequoia, OK) (Where The Heart Is)

Sunday 17th December: Lyla Novachek gives birth to a boy, it is immediately put up for adoption by her father. (August Rush)

Friday 22nd December: Mr Newman of the Complex Corporation gets his girlfriend drunk and then pays a kid from the mail room to sleep with her. (Dogma)

Saturday 23rd December: Dissolution of Marringe Agreement is written to Mr. Street. (Cast Away)

Saturday 23rd December: Mr Newman of the Complex Corporation breaks up with his girlfriend when she confesses to sleeping with the mail-room guy that he'd set up for her. (Dogma)

Sunday 24th December: Christmas party at the White House. (The White House, Washington D.C.) (The American President)

Sunday 24th December: Andy receives a puppy named Buster. His baby sister Molly receives a Mrs. Potato Head. (Toy Story)

Monday 25th December: 140lb+2 mince pies... Bridget Jones's parents reunite; Mark Darcy announces his engagement to Natasha Glenville. (Bridget Jones's Diary)

Monday 25th December: Chuck Noland's FedEx cargo plane crashes, stranding him on an island for four years. (South Pacific Ocean) (Cast Away)

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