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23rd April: William Shakespeare is born.


23rd April: William Shakespeare dies.


Monday 6th August: The Hiroshima bomb is dropped at 8:15. (Hiroshima, Japan)


Saturday 10th February: Laura Tollins is born.


Tuesday 24th January: Ted Bundy is executed.


Sunday 10th February: Laura Tollins is murdered.


Monday 19th April: The Waco Siege comes to an end after 51 days. (Waco, Texas)


Wednesday 19th April: The Oklahome bombing occurs. (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)


Tuesday 23rd December: Walter doesn't get off with Sybil at the work Christmas party.


Tuesday 3rd February: Walter Sparrow's birthday, when his wife buys him a book: The Number 23.

Wednesday 4th February: Walter sees a psychologist after a dog-bite.

Thursday 5th February: Walter finds out that there is a mysterious significance to the number 23.

Friday 6th February: Walter Sparrow visits Isaac French to be reassured about his obsession with number 23.

Saturday 7th February: Walter Sparrow stays away in a hotel for the night.

Sunday 8th February: Walter Sparrow visits in prison a felon wrongly convicted of the murder of Laura Tollins.

Monday 9th February: Walter Sparrow tracks down the supposed author of The Number 23 by Fed-Exing 23 boxes to his PO Box address.

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