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Irving Steinbloom (future country music mogul) born.


Lars Olfen (future head of PBN TV network) is born. (Sweden)


The Village Folk Ensemble are formed by Chuck Wiseman, George Menschell, Bill Wayburn, Fred Knox and Ramblin' Sandy Pitnick. (Greenwich Village, New York)


Jamming with The Clapper Family, George Menschell suggests a neuftet with his own The Village Folk Ensemble - The Main Street Singers are born.


The Folksmen perform 'Old Joe's Place' on TV's Hoot Nite.


Mitch & Mickey perform 'A Kiss at the End of the Rainbow' on TV's 'Lee Aikman's Folk Hour'.

Lars Olfen, aged 16, meets country music mogul Irving Steinbloom outside a Folksmen concert, and is given a free ticket.


The break-up of The Main Street Singers, as founder Chuck Wiseman moves to San Francisco and sets up 'Three Wiseman's Sex Emporium' with brothers Howard and Dell.


Suicidal folkist Mitch Cohen releases his first solo album, 'A Cry For Help'.


Folkist Fred Knox dies, and daughter Sissy Knox is asked by George Menschell to take her father's place in The Main Street Singers.


Country music mogul Irving Steinbloom dies.

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