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Ray Finkle is born.


June: Soccer-style kicker Ray Finkle graduates from Collier High, later to become the only pro athlete to come out of Collier County. (Collier County, Fl)


Ray Finkle graduates with honors from Stetson University holding 2 NCAA Div I kicking records, one for most points in a season & the other for distance. (Deland, Fl)


Chelsea Gamble Starts Free Animals Now.


Ray Finkle added to Miami Dolphins roster mid-season; fired after shooting the kick that makes the Dolphins lose the Superbowl.


Saturday 5th April: Police call off search for missing hiker Lois Einhorn; coincidentally former Dolphins kicker Ray Finkle escapes Shady Oaks Mental Institution about the same time. (Tampa, Fl)


January: The Miami Dolphins host the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl - thanks to Ace Ventura, MVP QB Dan Marino & team mascot Snowflake arrive at halftime after a failed kidnapping attempt by former kicker, Ray Finkle. (Miami, Fl)

Monday 17th January: Roger Podactor writes a love letter to Lois Einhorn.


Ace Ventura investigates a stolen dolphin mascot. (Miami Gardens, FL)

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