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Saturday 9th April: Cindy Meltzer is born. (Ohio)

Sunday 12th June: Cindy's fake alias is born. (Kansas)


Mary starts working at Reynold's Extract. (Ohio)


Wednesday 14th April: Cindy gets her driver's license. (Ohio)

Saturday 6th November: Cindy gets a driver's license under a fake name. (Kansas)

Sunday 7th November: Cindy gets a driver's licence under the fake name Heather Sampson. (Little Rock, Arkansas)


September: Joel Reynolds has sex with his wife Suzie. They take a break from it afterwards. (Ohio)

October: Step loses a testicle during an accident at Reynold's Extract. Cindy tries to persuade him to sue the company. Joel pays a gigolo named Brad to have sex with his wife. (Ohio)

November: Step doesn't sue Reynold's Extract and becomes the floor manager. Nathan dies from a heart attack after Suzie yells at him. (Ohio)

Saturday 7th November: Nathan's funeral. Joel and Suzie go to the Rotary Club. (Ohio)

Tuesday 17th November: Joel and Suzie do or don't go out of town. (Ohio)

Saturday 12th December: Cindy's Arkansas driver's license expires. (Arkansas)


Friday 9th April: Cindy's driver's license expires. (Ohio)

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