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Tricia Jones is born. (Leonardo, New Jersey)


May: The night of the prom, Rene and Brodie share a motel room; Brodie asks Rene to sleep under the bed in case his mother walks in.


Brodie Bruce starts to lose all ambition in life and retreats into a world of comics and Sega; this begins to affect his relationship with his girlfriend, Rene Mosier.


Two guys win their sweethearts back during a day in the mall. (New Jersey)


April: Willam Black becomes obsessed with seeing a hidden magic eye picture; Brodie Bruce farts while Rene Mosier is going down on him; Brodie cites this as a possible reason for their break up a week later.

Wednesday 13th April: Randal Graves calls the cops on Jay and Silent Bob while they are standing in front of RST video; Shannon Hamilton screws Tricia Jones in a very uncomfortable place.

Thursday 14th April: Brodie Bruce and T.S. Quint hang out at the mall, and are dumped then reunited with Rene Mosier and Brandi Svenning; Brodie is picked up to host The Tonight Show and Willam tries and fails to see a sailboat in a magic eye picture

June: After graduating from college, T.S. Quint and Brandi Svenning are married at Universal Studios.


Tuesday 28th February: Tricia Jones goes down on a guy at his house. (Leonardo, New Jersey)

Wednesday 1st March: Tricia Jones goes down on a guy outside. (Leonardo, New Jersey)

Thursday 2nd March: Tricia Jones goes down on a guy and has sex with him indoors. (Leonardo, New Jersey)

Friday 3rd March: Tricia Jones has sex with a guy. (Leonardo, New Jersey)

Saturday 4th March: Tricia Jones goes down on a guy. (Leonardo, New Jersey)

December: Borgasm: The Movie premiers.

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