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Movie events on the 17th December


Hiroshi Wakasugi, Doi Family Captain, kills Seiichi Kanbara gangland-style for betraying his bloodbrother, Shozo Hirono; Wakasugi is killed in a gun battle with police later that night. (Japan) (The Yakuza Papers)


Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme is sentenced to life in prison for her attempted assassination of U.S. President Gerald R. Ford. (Sacramento, California) (Helter Skelter)


Kramer vs. Kramer is released. It is this film that makes George Madison's mother want to leave his father Charles. (How Do You Know)


Billionaire Howard Stark, father of Tony Stark, dies. (USA) (Iron Man)


Lyla Novachek gives birth to a boy, it is immediately put up for adoption by her father. (August Rush)

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