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Movie events on the 6th September


Maverick is in a picture with his dad (Top Gun)


Vampires follow Dr. Morgan from the church to his house and they damage his car at night. (The Last Man on Earth)


Marine PFC William Santiago is murdered. (Guantanamo Bay, Cuba) (A Few Good Men)

Christopher McCandless’ body is found by moose hunters. (Alaska) (Into the Wild)


After moving from Seattle, Dade Murphy begins his Senior Year of High School in NYC. (New York City) (Hackers)

Dade Murphy meets Kate Libby for the first time. (New York City) (Hackers)


Weyland Industries makes first foray into the luxury goods market with its Holographic Environment Simulator. It is the first HES able to accurately recreate the aesthetic, mood and sounds of any place in the known world, as well as provide live video feed from any calibrated receiver. (Prometheus)

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