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The 13th disciple Rufus is stoned to death. (Antioch)


St Michael's Church is constructed. (New Jersey)


Bethany Sloane allows neighbour Bryan Johnson to urinate on her hand.


Bryan Johnson dies of leukemia.


The angel Loki bets the angel Bartleby that the rap film Krush Grove will out-perform E.T. at the box office.


Nancy Goldruff, a former kindergarten teacher, creates Mooby, The Golden Calf for local network K-REL.


The Complex Corporation purchases Mooby, The Golden Calf, and goes into production on The Mooby Fun-Time Hou; the former Angel of Death, Loki, starts to plot the death of the executives of the corporation as they are idolaters.


August: The muse Serendipity, tired of doing all the inspiration and not getting credit for it, opts to quit being a muse and write for herself.


Friday 22nd December: Mr Newman of the Complex Corporation gets his girlfriend drunk and then pays a kid from the mail room to sleep with her.

Saturday 23rd December: Mr Newman of the Complex Corporation breaks up with his girlfriend when she confesses to sleeping with the mail-room guy that he'd set up for her.


March: Mr Newman's ex-girlfriend kills herself.

Saturday 1st June: The Catholic religion's new multi-million dollar advertising blitz is launched, dubbed "Catholicism, WOW!" (New Jersey)

Sunday 2nd June: Bethany Sloane attends a service at St Stephen's Parish Church (McHenry, Il)

Monday 3rd June: Azrael and the Stygian Triplets kill Mrs Reynolds and take over her house for their base of operations.

Tuesday 4th June: Loki and Bartleby leave Wisconsin via bus for New Jersey; Bethany Sloane is visited by Metatron, the voice of the one true god.

Wednesday 5th June: Bethany meets her two prophets - Jay and Silent Bob - and Rufus, the 13th Apostle.

Thursday 6th June: Bethany, Rufus, Jay and Silent Bob meet the muse Serendipity, and the group are attacked by the Golgothan shit demon; they then meet Loki and Bartleby on a train and a fight ensues.

Friday 7th June: Loki and Bartleby attempt to enter St Michael's Church, but God stops them; Bethany discovers that she is pregnant.


God appears at a church, after The Last Apostle stops two angels from finding a loophole in God's law. (New Jersey)

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