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Frank Castle, aka: the Punisher, is born.


Frank Castle born, according to his tombstone.

Maria Castle, wife of Frank Castle, born.


William Castle, son of Frank Castle, born.


Frank Castle is "buried" after he was apparently slain, along with his family, by the assassins of crimelord Walter Saint. (Tampa, Fl)

Friday 5th September: Frank Castle steals Livia Saint's car & uses her cell phone to get Quentin Glass to the Wyndam Hotel. He then parks her car in a no parking zone in front of the hotel, where she receives a ticket. He then replaces the car before she knows it's missing. (Tampa, Fl)

Friday 12th September: Based on "evidence" planted by Frank Castle, Howard Saint stabs Quentin Glass to death & drops his wife, Livia, off a bridge where she's hit by a train. (Tampa, Fl)

Friday 12th September: The Punisher takes out Howard Saint's goons, demolishes his office building, & blows up his son. He then ties Saint by the ankle to the bumper of a moving car, dragging him into a parking lot of exploding vehicles. (Tampa, Fl)

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