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Sydney Wade attends a protest rally against anti-partheid. The flag is burnt. (Washington D.C.)


Thursday 16th November: President Andrew Shepherd and Sydney Ellen Wade attend a State Dinner together. (Washington D.C.)

Friday 17th November: President Andrew Shepherd tries to have flowers sent to Sydney. He can't as he has no credit card. He ends up sending her a Virginia ham instead. (White House, Washington D.C.)

Saturday 18th November: Sydney has dinner with President Andrew Shepherd and his daughter Lucy. After dinner, the president and Sydney share a kiss. (White House, Washington D.C.)

Sunday 19th November: During a Press Conference, two news reporters ask President Andrew Shepherd about his relationship with Sydney Wade. The president answers that they just had dinner. Later that night, Sydney decides to visit the White House to tell Andrew Shepherd that they should stop seeing each other. They end up making love. (The White House, Washington D.C.)

Monday 20th November: The press finds out that Sydney spent the night at the White House. (The White House, Washington D.C.)

Sunday 24th December: Christmas party at the White House. (The White House, Washington D.C.)


January: President Andrew Shepherd finally succeeds in giving Sydney roses. (Washington D.C.)

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