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Movie events on the 24th June


Woodrow Wilson marries Ellen Axson. (Savannah, Georgia) (Wilson)


After escaping his cruel owner, John Merrick, the Elephant Man, arrives at Liverpool Street station and is mobbed by a crowd of curious onlookers. (Liverpool Street Station, Liverpool Street, Broadgate, London, E) (The Elephant Man)


Eamon de Valera resigns as President of Ireland at the age of 90. (Ireland) (Michael Collins)


Donny Berger appears on the cover of US magazine. (That's My Boy)


South Africa wins the Rugby World Cup when they beat New Zealand 15-12. (Johannesburg, South Africa) (Invictus)


Asher supposedly dies in a car accident after kidnapping Costa and the case is closed. Costa goes to Illeana Scott's motel room and has sex with her. (Montreal, Canada) (Taking Lives)


Barb and her brother Johnny go to their aunt's funeral at Shady Rest Cemetery and encounter zombies. (Night of the Living Dead 3D)

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