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Movie events on the 22nd December


Pamela Courson is born. (Weed, California) (The Doors)

Elinor, who later took the last name Lindstrom, is born. (Lars and the Real Girl)


Jimmy Hart finds Rick Masters' counterfeit operation and gets shot to death by one of his men. (Los Angeles, California) (To Live and Die in LA)


Julie asks her mom when her dad will be back. (New York, New York) (Look Who's Talking Now)


Mr Newman of the Complex Corporation gets his girlfriend drunk and then pays a kid from the mail room to sleep with her. (Dogma)


The anti-freeze is buried in an unmarked grave. (Snowmonton) (Jack Frost)


People use bananas to destroy Jack's babies. (Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman)


The Oakland Athletics select Luis Lopez off waivers from the Toronto Blue Jays. (Moneyball)


Northcutt gives Santa Claus a notice of termination. (North Pole) (Fred Claus)


Ronny has a relapse and gambles. (The Dilemma)


Pepper Potts arrives at Tony Stark's home. Happy Hogan is injured after a participant in the Extremis project explodes. (Malibu, California) (Iron Man 3)


Brooke and Sir Cole go shopping. Sir Cole saves Claire from falling through ice and apprehends a pickpocket. (Bracebridge, Ohio) (The Knight Before Christmas)

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