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Movie history events from 1993

Bartleby Gaines and Sherman Schrader III become best friends. (Wickliffe, Ohio) (Accepted)

Erik Stifler's parents have a trial separation for a week. Harry Stifler has sex with Tania Coozeman. (East Great Falls, Michigan) (American Pie: Beta House)

Nazo starts delivering food to Sonny Koufax. (Manhattan, New York) (Big Daddy)

Barbara MacHenry is a Delta Alpha Kappa housemother. Leigh Crosby is in the sorority. (Black Christmas)

The Twig of '93. (A Bug's Life)

Billionaire Lucien Baines funds the 'neurological connectic transfer system', allowing the therapist to enter the patient's mind. (California, USA) (The Cell)

Jessica Riley is born. (Crazy, Stupid, Love)

A volcanic eruption kills Harry Dalton's girlfriend Marianne. (Colombia) (Dante's Peak)

Peter LaFleur buys the controlling stake in Globogym after beating White Goodman's Purple Cobras to win the final of the ADAA Dodgeball championship. (Las Vegas, CA) (Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story)

Dolores Claiborne is caught apparently attempting to kill her long-time employer, Vera Donovan. (Maine) (Dolores Claiborne)

After her father's funeral, Domino's mother sends her to boarding school; one week later, her goldfish, Sammy, dies. (London, England) (Domino)

Eric Brockovich. (Erin Brockovich)

Skylar moves to Boston. (Boston, Mass.) (Good Will Hunting)

Martin Jordan dies in a test flight. His son Hal witnesses the explosion that kills him. (Green Lantern)

Irene Butterman, wife of Frank and mother of Danny, dies. (Sandford, Gloucestershire) (Hot Fuzz)

Nicholas Angel graduates. (Hot Fuzz)

A picture is taken of Sydney Fife and his friends ("The Wrecking Crew") during freshman year at Westlake High. (Westlake Village, CA) (I Love You, Man)

Mark Loring's guitar breaks when his band opens for the Melvins. (Chicago, IL) (Juno)

Ray Owens leaves LAPD. (Los Angeles, California) (The Last Stand)

A bomb explodes, collapsing a subway tunnel under the World Trade Center; a terrorist arrested for the crime claims that the CIA had advance knowlege of the bombing. (New York City, NY) (The Long Kiss Goodnight)

Kevin Carson is born. (Lottery Ticket)

Tugginmypudha teaches Pitka the "D" in D.R.A.M.A.: Distractions. (India) (The Love Guru)

Two guys win their sweethearts back during a day in the mall. (New Jersey) (Mallrats)

Juan, a street vendor, gains a sum of a million dollars from a stranger when he is faced with being deported and losing his home. (Las Angles, Clifornia) (A Million To Juan)

Mickey and Mallory Knox go on a killing spree and become mass-murderer superstars. (Highway 666) (Natural Born Killers)

Marjane feels unhappy being married to Reza. (Teheran, Iran) (Persepolis)

Master thief "The Tornado" comes out of retirement to steal a number of priceless artifacts, including the Pink Panther diamond. (The Pink Panther 2)

The Engineers prepare a "death ship" filled with jars of black goo, to send to Earth in order to destroy their wayward children, humanity. All but one Engineer are wiped out (LV-223) (Prometheus)

Frank Herrera retires and starts cleaning swimming pools. (New Orleans, Louisianna) (Runaway Jury)

Oleg Vassilyevich Orlov is on Victor Barisovsky's staff. (Novosibirsk Oblast, Siberia) (Salt)

New Yorkers find out that a guest is an imposter. (New York City) (Six Degrees of Separation)

Rachel White has her first kiss on a golf course. (Something Borrowed)

Two plumbers enter a parallel dimension to rescue Princess Daisy. (Brooklyn, New York) (Super Mario Bros.)

Dan Remming starts having a six-pack during kindergarten. (Superbad)

Martin Asher takes the identity of his victim, Paul Sampson. (Taking Lives)

Martin Asher takes the identity of his victim, Paul Sampson. (Taking Lives)

Brock Lovett starts thinking of Titanic. (Titanic)

Griffin Gilkyson dies in a car accident. (An Unfinished Life)

Alex Franklin and Grace Smart are born. (Los Angeles, California) (Valentine's Day)

White collar criminal Gordon Gecko is sentenced to Otis Federal Prison for almost eight years. (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps)

Waynestock. (Wayne's World 2)

According to a sign, this is the year that Spar was born. (We Bought a Zoo)

Professor Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr meet Jean Grey. (X-Men 3)

Friday 1st January: Jack Starks dies from a head injury, apparently. (The Jacket)

Monday 18th January: Leigh Colvin's ID is issued. (Manchester, New Hampshire) (Black Christmas)

Wednesday 20th January: Dr Richard Kimble is arrested & later convicted for the murder of his wife. (Chicago, Ill) (The Fugitive)

Sunday 14th February: Chris Brander sends fellow sophomore Jamie Palamino a dozen red roses. (New Jersey) (Just Friends)

Sunday 21st February: IRA Terrorist Frankie Maguire enters the United States under the alias Rory Devaney (Newark International Airport, New Jersey) (The Devil's Own)

Wednesday 10th March: Armen shoots spitballs at Konrad. (Germany) (Night of the Living Dorks)

Wednesday 17th March: US marshall Sam Gerrard spots Dr Richard Kimble in a hospital & chases him into the streets. Kimble loses him by joining the St Patrick's Day Parade. (Chicago, Ill) (The Fugitive)

Thursday 25th March: John Edward Gammell is issued his Certificate of Title for his 1984 Chevrolet. (San Francisco, California) (Memento)

April: Randall and Dante (who wasn't supposed to be there that day) work at the RST Movie Rental and Quik E Mart. (New Jersey) (Clerks)

Monday 19th April: Jason Bourne's Canadian ID in which he uses the name Paul Kay is issued. (Canada) (The Bourne Identity)

Monday 19th April: The Waco Siege comes to an end after 51 days. (Waco, Texas) (The Number 23)

May: Rebecca Warner graduates as class valedictorian from Lincoln High School. (South Dakota) (Son in Law)

Saturday 1st May: Angus & Laura's wedding at St John's Church, where Charles meets Carrie. (Stoke Clandon, Somerset) (Four Weddings and a Funeral)

June: Will Hunting commits assault. (Boston, MA) (Good Will Hunting)

Saturday 12th June: Lisbeth Salander pours gasoline on her father and sets him on fire for seriously abusing her mother. (Stockholm, Sweden) (The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest)

Tuesday 15th June: John Connally dies. (Houston, Texas) (The Commission)

Wednesday 23rd June: Daniel Pratt graduates from Riverside Community College. (Waiting...)

August: Tom Myers and his friends throw a beach party. (American Pie 2)

August: Veronica Loughran and Dante Hicks start to date seriously. (Clerks)

August: The muse Serendipity, tired of doing all the inspiration and not getting credit for it, opts to quit being a muse and write for herself. (Dogma)

August: Bernard & Lydia's wedding at St Mary of the Fields, where Charles elopes with Carrie. (Cripplegate, London) (Four Weddings and a Funeral)

Friday 13th August: The events of Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood take place. (Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood)

Thursday 26th August: Roy Raymond commits suicide by jumping off of the Golden Gate Bridge. (San Francisco, California) (The Social Network)

September: Veronica Loughran transfers from Seton Hall to Monmouth State to be closer to Dante Hicks (Clerks)

September: Charles receives Carrie's wedding invite, hears her list of sexual partners, and declares his love on the South Bank. (London) (Four Weddings and a Funeral)

September: Will Hunting commits assault. (Boston, MA) (Good Will Hunting)

September: Rebecca Warner arrives from South Dakota to start college at a major southern California university. (Los Angeles, Ca) (Son in Law)

Monday 13th September: Captain Steele makes a transfer request for Private Todd Blackburn. (Mogadishu, Somalia ) (Black Hawk Down)

October: Kevin Gerrity meets a woman at Hooters. (Toronto) (Big Daddy)

October: Hamish & Carrie's wedding, where Gareth suffers a heart attack. (Glenchrist Castle, Perthshire) (Four Weddings and a Funeral)

Sunday 3rd October: Two Black Hawk helicopters are shot down when US Army Rangers attempt to capture a Somali warlord. (Mogadishu, Somalia) (Black Hawk Down)

Sunday 3rd October: On this date nearly 100 U.S. Army Rangers, commanded by Capt. Mike Steele, were dropped by helicopter deep into the capital city of Mogadishu to capture two top lieutenants of a Somali warlord. (Somalia, Mogadishu) (Black Hawk Down)

Friday 22nd October: Teena Brandon born. (Lincoln, Nebraska) (Boys Don't Cry)

Friday 22nd October: Teena Brandon arrested for grand theft auto. (Lincoln, Nebraska) (Boys Don't Cry)

Sunday 31st October: Dylan goes as Kris Kross for Halloween. (Los Angeles, California) (Friends with Benefits)

Sunday 31st October: Three witches are brought back from the dead for 24 hours after a virgin lights a candle. (Salem, Massachusetts) (Hocus Pocus)

Sunday 31st October: Rebecca Warner decides to leave school & return home to South Dakota. Her resident advisor, "Crawl", talks her out of it. (Los Angeles, Ca) (Son in Law)

Wednesday 10th November: Dr. Ellie Arroway pleads with a board associated with billionaire S. R. Hadden to fund her research into extraterrestrial life. (Contact)

Saturday 20th November: Rebecca Warner, with Crawl in tow, returns home for Thanksgiving. Her boyfriend, Travis, proposes, so Becca & Crawl pretend to be engaged for the rest of their visit. (South Dakota) (Son in Law)

Wednesday 24th November: Crawl attends a bachelor party, organized for him by Becca's ex, Travis & the Warners' farmhand, Theo. He passes out during Tracy's striptease. (South Dakota) (Son in Law)

Thursday 25th November: Thanksgiving Day: Rebecca discovers Crawl & Tracy asleep in the barn together. They later discover that Travis & Theo drugged them both & left them there. Happy endings abound! (South Dakota) (Son in Law)

Sunday 12th December: Brandon Teena celebrates his 21st birthday. (Falls City, Nebraska) (Boys Don't Cry)

Thursday 16th December: Martin Casillas, the fifth child victim of ritual killings, born. (USA) (Bless the Child)

Thursday 16th December: Cody O'Connor born to a drug-addict mother, Jenna O'Connor. (USA) (Bless the Child)

Wednesday 22nd December: Julie asks her mom when her dad will be back. (New York, New York) (Look Who's Talking Now)

Friday 24th December: The dogs unite the family on Christmas Eve. (New York, New York) (Look Who's Talking Now)

Saturday 25th December: Jenna O'Connor drops off the 9-day-old Cody at Maggie's house. Maggie is Jenna's older sister. (USA) (Bless the Child)

Friday 31st December: Brandon Teena is murdered by John Lotter. (Falls City, Nebraska) (Boys Don't Cry)

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