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This is to dispute that Rose was born in 1895. It's said by the creator (James Cameron) that she's 17 years old in the film, HOWEVER, Titanic sank in the early half of the year. She could have been preparing for her wedding after her 18th birthday, which had ample time to occur in 1912, making her birth year 1894.


Rose Dewitt Bukater is born.


Wednesday 31st May: At 12:15 p.m. RMS Titanic launched from Harland & Wolfe shipyards. (Belfast, Ireland)


Wednesday 10th April: RMS Titanic arrives at Cherbourg, France at 5:15 pm - among the passangers that come aboard is Margert Brown, later to be known as the "Unsinkable Molly Brown". (Cherbourg, France)

Friday 12th April: Titanic sets sail from Southampton; that night, steerage passenger Jack Dawson meets First Class passenger Rose Dewitt Bukater.

Saturday 13th April: Jack Dawson dines with Rose Dewitt Bukater.

Sunday 14th April: Titanic hits the iceberg.

Monday 15th April: Titanic sinks.


Brock Lovett starts thinking of Titanic.


Ex-Titanic passenger Rose DeWitt Bukater, known for decades as Rose Dawson and, by her married name, Rose Calvert, dies on a ship in the north Atlantic.

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