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American Pie: Beta House mistakes

American Pie: Beta House - timeline

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Friday 5th March: Creature from the Black Lagoon is released.


The Summer of Love


Jake Parker is born. (Michigan)

Jake Parker is born.


Erik Stifler's parents have a trial separation for a week. Harry Stifler has sex with Tania Coozeman. (East Great Falls, Michigan)


Edgar Willis tries joining a fraternity of midgets and ends up having sex with a sheep. Dwight Stifler starts trying to convince the board of trustees to approve of co-ed bathrooms. (Ann Arbor, Michigan)


A sex addict's parents catch her with the landscaping crew. (Michigan)


Bobby subscribes to Campus Teaser, and Wesley goes to jail in Mexico.

Friday 14th December: Down With The Butterfly perform at The Rivoli and Rancho Relaxo. (Toronto)


The board of trustees approves of Dwight's idea of co-ed bathrooms. (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

June: Tracy Sterling breaks up with Erik to be with Trent. (East Great Falls, Michigan)

September: While he's drunk, Wesley adopts a boy named Sung Lee. Harry Stifler drives Erik and Mike Coozeman to the University of Michigan. Bobby has sex with Margie on his first day. Erik, Bobby, Cooze, and Nick Anderson start doing the tasks listed on the pledge board. Rodney Dean decides not to leave a strip club called The Silver Dollar Room.

October: Erik ejaculates for the first time in four months... on Ashley's teddy bear, Mr. Biggles. Dwight has sex with the sex addict three times in a row and runs. Bull comes into the room and has sex with her. (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

November: Erik, Ashley, Cooze, Bobby, and Nick play as a rock band at The State Theater. Bobby and Cooze get married.

December: Erik, Cooze, Bobby, and Nick have finished the pledge board. GEEK House competes with BETA House in the Olympiad, where Noah Levenstein is the officiate. This results in a victory for BETA House. Rodney Dean returns. Erik has sex with Ashley while watching Creature from the Black Lagoon. Cooze receives female ejaculate from Denise. (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

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