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Southampton established. (Southampton, New York)


Friday 6th June: Rachel White is born.


Criminal Law PCL CL book ranges from this year to the next.


According to Darcy, this is the year that Ethan's backpack is from.


Darcy and Rachel share Ethan at the sixth grade dance.


Rachel White has her first kiss on a golf course.


May: Darcy and Rachel graduate from high school.

September: Rachel White starts attending NYU Law. (New York City)


Rachel and Dex do not admit how they feel about each other. Dex meets Darcy and Rachel lets them date. (New York City)


Sunday 6th June: Rachel White's 30th birthday party. Darcy plays a slideshow that has pictures of the two of them and gets drunk. Rachel has sex with Dex, Darcy's fiance'. (New York City)

Monday 7th June: Rachel lies to Darcy by telling her that Dex was watching a game of cricket on TV with Marcus. (New York City)

Tuesday 8th June: Darcy tries on her wedding dress. (New York City)

Friday 11th June: Darcy, Rachel, Dex, Marcus, Ethan, and Claire spend the night at a beach house. (Southampton, New York)

Saturday 12th June: Darcy asks Rachel if she and Dex ever had sex. (Southampton, New York)

Sunday 13th June: Rachel and Dex see a '90s cover band and kiss. (Southampton, New York)

Saturday 26th June: While dancing, Rachel pulls a part of her body near her vagina. (Southampton, New York)

Monday 28th June: Dex tells Rachel that he wants to be alone with her on the 4th of July. (New York City)

Sunday 4th July: Rachel and Dex spend time alone and have sex. Darcy has sex with Marcus. (New York City)

Monday 5th July: Rachel and Dex meet up with Dex's parents. (New York City)

Tuesday 6th July: Rachel tells Ethan about what she did with Dex and his parents. (New York City)

Wednesday 7th July: Rachel talks to Marcus on a bench. (New York City)

Thursday 8th July: Rachel refuses to answer Dex's calls. Darcy ends up thinking Rachel had sex with Ethan and spends the night at her house. (New York City)

Friday 9th July: Darcy tells Rachel that she cheated on Dex. (New York City)

Saturday 10th July: Ethan almost reveals during a tennis match that Rachel and Dex slept with each other. Rachel stops him by hitting him in the face with a tennis racket. (Southampton, New York)

Friday 30th July: Rachel meets up with Ethan. (London, England)

Saturday 31st July: Dex tells Rachel that he called off the wedding the previous night. Darcy tells Rachel that Marcus got her pregnant. She gets mad when she finds out about Rachel and Dex. (New York City)

Friday 6th August: Dex Thaler and Darcy Rhone do not get married. (New York City)

October: Rachel and Darcy bump into each other. Rachel says that she misses Darcy. Darcy assures her that she is happy. (New York City)

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