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Mel Stein is born. (Los Angeles, CA)


A picture is taken of Sydney Fife and his friends ("The Wrecking Crew") during freshman year at Westlake High. (Westlake Village, CA)


The earliest year that Mel Stein could have started using the internet. (Los Angeles, CA)


Mel Stein has been using the internet by now. (Los Angeles, CA)


August: Peter Klaven and Zooey Rice start dating. (Los Angeles, CA)


March: Robbie Klaven makes his dad Oswald an honorary gay. (Los Angeles, CA)

April: Peter Klaven befriends Sydney Fife. (Los Angeles, CA)

Wednesday 7th May: Peter, Sydney, and Zooey go to a Rush concert. (Los Angeles, CA)

Monday 30th June: Peter Klaven marries Zooey Rice, with Sydney Fife as the best man. (Los Angeles, CA)

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