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14 year-old Alf constructs his first car bomb, blowing off his eyebrows. (Afghanistan)


After her father's funeral, Domino's mother sends her to boarding school; one week later, her goldfish, Sammy, dies. (London, England)


Domino Harvey, in the employ of bail bondsman Claremont Williams and tutelege of legendary bounty hunter Ed Moseby, wins Bounty Hunter of the Year. (Los Angeles, Ca)


The WB network picks up a reality TV show called "Bounty Squad," which follows the exploits of Domino Harvey, Ed Moseby and Choco; the show is hosted by Ian Zeiring and Brian Austin Green of "90210" fame. (Hollywood, Ca)

Saturday 18th June: A quartet of theives disguised as former First Ladies steals $10 million from the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino. (Las Vegas, Nv)

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