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Dante Hicks poos his pants because the seat to his potty is down and he refuses to lift it.


Randal Graves catches Dante Hicks losing his virginity to Caitlin Bree on videotape.


September: Veronica Loughran begins studying at Seton Hall and goes down on the first of over 30 men while there.


February: At Food City, a high-school counselor begins a quest for the perfect egg carton. He is observed by Holden McNeil and Banky Edwards (who are working at the supermarket). The incident will be used by Holden and Banky as inspiration for part of their 37 comic series. Around this same time, a woman who manually masturbates caged animals for a living observes a similar incident at supermarket, but the counselor is different.

April: Dante Hicks and Caitlin Bree break up.


April: Dante Hicks and Julie Dwyer break-up after Julie's parents catch Dante going down on their daughter.


April: Randall and Dante (who wasn't supposed to be there that day) work at the RST Movie Rental and Quik E Mart. (New Jersey)

August: Veronica Loughran and Dante Hicks start to date seriously.

September: Veronica Loughran transfers from Seton Hall to Monmouth State to be closer to Dante Hicks


February: A blue collar worker is asked to reshingle the house of gangster Dominick "Baby Face" Bambino; he declines the job based on personal politics and asks a friend to do the job for him. The friend is killed when the Foresci family puts a hit out on "Baby Face."

Thursday 14th April: Caitlin Bree's mother tells her that she has placed a wedding announcement for Caitlin and Sang in the paper.

Friday 15th April: Dante Hicks is called into work at Quick Stop Convenience on his day off. His friend Randal Graves shows up late to work at the neighboring RST video, and the two have several misadventures that include a hockey match on the roof and attending Julie Dwyer's wake.

Saturday 16th April: Julie Dywer is buried. Dante Hicks calls in sick that morning, and goes to visit Caitlin at Riverview hospital.

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