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May: Rebecca Warner graduates as class valedictorian from Lincoln High School. (South Dakota)

September: Rebecca Warner arrives from South Dakota to start college at a major southern California university. (Los Angeles, Ca)

Sunday 31st October: Rebecca Warner decides to leave school & return home to South Dakota. Her resident advisor, "Crawl", talks her out of it. (Los Angeles, Ca)

Saturday 20th November: Rebecca Warner, with Crawl in tow, returns home for Thanksgiving. Her boyfriend, Travis, proposes, so Becca & Crawl pretend to be engaged for the rest of their visit. (South Dakota)

Wednesday 24th November: Crawl attends a bachelor party, organized for him by Becca's ex, Travis & the Warners' farmhand, Theo. He passes out during Tracy's striptease. (South Dakota)

Thursday 25th November: Thanksgiving Day: Rebecca discovers Crawl & Tracy asleep in the barn together. They later discover that Travis & Theo drugged them both & left them there. Happy endings abound! (South Dakota)

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