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Movie history events from 1973

William Miller and Penny Lane go on tour with Stillwater. (New York) (Almost Famous)

Walter Burgundy is born. (San Diego, CA) (Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues)

Michael J. Lander is released from captivity. Dahlia Iyad joins the Black September movement. (Black Sunday)

Sam "Ace" Rothstein begins running a casino. (Las Vegas) (Casino)

Dante Hicks poos his pants because the seat to his potty is down and he refuses to lift it. (Clerks)

Caesar's ape parents are killed by humans, and the caretaker hides him in a circus. (Conquest of the Planet of the Apes)

Carolyn Stoddard wants to move to New York when she turns 16. (New York City) (Dark Shadows)

A horror film titled The Foot is released. (Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules)

Deena Jones and The Dreams have another No 1 hit record, called 'In Touch'. (Dreamgirls)

'73 Oldsmobile is made. (The Evil Dead)

Ashley J. Williams is born. (Michigan) (The Evil Dead)

Terence Mann gives his last interview, saying that his one regret was that he would have loved to have played with the Chicago White Sox. (Field of Dreams)

Gloria Mundy is unknowningly given information about an upcoming assassination attempt on Pope Pius XIII. (San Francisco, CA) (Foul Play)

The first commercial smokeless air flight. (The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard)

Blue Swede releases "Hooked on a Feeling." (Guardians of the Galaxy)

Grace is born. (Hall Pass)

Future suspected paedophile Jeff Kohlver is born. (Hard Candy)

The Ice Storm. (The Ice Storm)

Burt's nanna gives him $200. (The Incredible Burt Wonderstone)

The Saudi Arabian oil embargo begins. (The Kingdom)

A road map is printed. (Texas) (Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III)

Pi is Hindu, Christian, and Muslim. (Pondicherry, India) (Life of Pi)

1973 World Series takes place. (Moneyball)

Astronauts travel 3000 years into the future and bring back talking apes, who are killed by the police and the investigation files sealed. (Planet of the Apes)

Danny Donahue is born. (Los Angeles, CA) (Role Models)

Amanda Young is born. (Saw II)

Dan Freeman launches black nationalist guerrilla war in Chicago using tactics learned in CIA training. (Chicago) (The Spook Who Sat by the Door)

Princess Daisy is hatched and raised at St Teresa's. (Brooklyn, New York) (Super Mario Bros.)

Chop Top is in Vietnam. (Vietnam) (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2)

The first genetically modified organism is created, a simple bacterium. Trask Industries unveils the Sentinel Program. Bolivar Trask says, "The mutant threat is the defining issue of our time. We can choose to stem the impending tide of extinction or we can stand by passively and allow it to wash away any remnants of our species." (X-Men: Days of Future Past)

Monday 1st January: 12:01am - The Poseidon, a luxury liner on its last voyage from Athens to New York, is struck by a 90ft tidal wave and capsizes. (The Poseidon Adventure)

Saturday 6th January: A Mercedes-Benz 770K sedan, supposedly Adolf Hitler's parade car, was sold at auction for $153,000.00, the most money ever paid for a car at auction at that time. (The Boys from Brazil)

Wednesday 10th January: Ottilio Panza us born. (The Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day)

Thursday 11th January: Howard Hunt pleads guilty to three counts of conspiracy. (All the President's Men)

Monday 15th January: U.S. President Richard M. Nixon suspends military action in North Vietnam giving peace talks between his secretary of state, Henry Kissinger, and North Vietnamese leader Le Duc Tho a chance to succeed. (Nixon)

Sunday 21st January: Orders from Trask industries to bring in Mutants are sent to Vietnam. This is later unsuccessful, as it results in Mystique, disguised as Colonel Sanders, stopping Major William Stryker and freeing Havoc, Toad, Ink, and another Mutant soldier. (X-Men: Days of Future Past)

Monday 22nd January: Samantha Blackwell is born. (The Reaping)

Tuesday 23rd January: President Nixon announces that Henry Kissinger and Le Duc Tho have initialled a peace agreement in Paris "to end the war and bring peace with honor in Vietnam and Southeast Asia." (Nixon)

Thursday 25th January: Peter Maximoff helps Charles Xavier, Hank McCoy, and Logan break his father, Erik Lehnsherr, out of the Pentagon. (Arlington County, Virginia) (X-Men: Days of Future Past)

Saturday 27th January: In one timeline, Mystique assassinates Bolivar Trask and is captured so that her DNA can be used to make more advanced Sentinels. In a new timeline, she is prevented from killing Trask. Magneto tries killing her to prevent a dystopian future, but Beast thwarts him. The three of them are seen by reporters. Wolverine leaves his past body briefly after seeing a younger William Stryker. (Paris, France) (X-Men: Days of Future Past)

Monday 29th January: Mystique thwarts Magneto's attempt to control the Sentinels to kill President Nixon and his cabinet. Professor X and Beast prevent Mystique from killing Trask. After being tossed into the Potomac River, Wolverine's future self returns to his future body in a new future. (Washington, D.C.) (X-Men: Days of Future Past)

Tuesday 30th January: Newspaper headline: "MUTANT SAVES PRESIDENT AND CABINET." Another article says, "Trask Arrested For Selling Military Secrets." Mystique, disguised as William Stryker, rescues Wolverine. (Potomac River) (X-Men: Days of Future Past)

Tuesday 13th March: A German adaptation of The Scarlet Letter is broadcasted. (West Germany) (Easy A)

Thursday 15th March: George McFly wins a writing award, or is killed, depending on the timeline. (Hill Valley, CA) (Back to the Future Part II)

Thursday 15th March: President Nixon hints that the United States might intervene again in Vietnam to prevent communist violations of the truce. (Nixon)

Monday 19th March: Yusef K. Hawkins is born. (Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn New York ) (Jungle Fever)

Sunday 29th April: Sergeant Howie arrives on the small Scottish island of Summerisle to investigate the report of a missing child. (Summerisle, UK) (The Wicker Man)

May: Travis Bickle receives an honorable discharge from the Marines. (Taxi Driver)

Tuesday 1st May: Discovering that his plane has been sabotaged and is unable to take off, Howie elects to search the island for Rowan himself ahead of the impending May Day parade. Howie ties up the innkeeper and assumes his place as Punch, a principal character of the May Day festival. (Sunmerisle, UK) (The Wicker Man)

June: Mossad debriefs a killer it may or may not have hired. (Munich)

Wednesday 13th June: Kissinger and Le Duc Tho sign new peace agreement. (Kissinger and Nixon)

Sunday 24th June: Eamon de Valera resigns as President of Ireland at the age of 90. (Ireland) (Michael Collins)

July: Car license plate number UTW-582 expires. (Texas) (Texas Chainsaw 3D)

Friday 20th July: Bruce Lee, the greatest martial artist ever, dies of a cerebral edema. (Hong Kong) (Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story)

Monday 23rd July: Eddie Rickenbacker dies. (Zurich, Switzerland) (The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell)

August: Students are seen outside of a university. (Beirut, Lebanon) (Black Sunday)

Friday 17th August: Jeb Stuart Magruder pleads guilty to helping plan Watergate break-in. (All the President's Men)

Friday 17th August: According to a referral/consultation report, this is the date on which Sally Hardesty and her friends are attacked by the Sawyer family. (Newt, Texas) (Texas Chainsaw 3D)

Saturday 18th August: According to a typo on a referral/consultation report, this is the date on which Sally Hardesty arrived at the sherriff's office after escaping the Sawyers. (Newt, Texas) (Texas Chainsaw 3D)

Saturday 18th August: 5 people are terrorized after a woman kills herself in their van; they travel to the nearest town only to find a crazed man wielding a chainsaw. (Texas) (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

Saturday 18th August: Five kids fallprey to a cannibalistic family. (TExas) (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

Sunday 19th August: Sheriff Hooper arrives at the Sawyer house and asks Drayton Sawyer to bring Leatherface out. Burt Hartman leads townsfolk in burning down the Sawyer house with Bear Sawyer, Boss Sawyer, Drayton Sawyer, Grandpa Sawyer, and Loretta Sawyer inside. That night, Arlene and Gavin Miller find and keep Loretta's baby Edith Rose Sawyer. A picture of the arsonists is taken for the Newt Times newspaper. (Newt, Texas) (Texas Chainsaw 3D)

Sunday 19th August: Sally Hardesty survives the Texas Chain Saw Massacre. (Texas) (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

Monday 20th August: Newt Times newspaper with the typo "Sunday August 19" details the Texas Chain Saw Massacre and the attack on the Sawyer family. (Newt, Texas) (Texas Chainsaw 3D)

Monday 20th August: Police are dispatched to a remote farmhouse in Travis County where they find the butchered remains of 33 victims, killed by Leatherface. (Travis County, Texas) (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

Tuesday 21st August: The Sawyer file is written at the police station. (Newt, Texas) (Texas Chainsaw 3D)

Tuesday 21st August: The Sawyer file is written. (Newt, Texas) (Texas Chainsaw 3D)

Wednesday 29th August: Bryan Spilner is born. (2 Fast 2 Furious)

Monday 3rd September: Charles Gaines is killed in Vietnam. (Vietnam) (The Butler)

Tuesday 4th September: A date circled on a calendar. (San Francisco, California) (Cloud Atlas)

Sunday 9th September: A date circled on a calendar. (San Francisco, California) (Cloud Atlas)

Tuesday 11th September: Isaac Sachs does not believe that he will fall in love. (San Francisco, California) (Cloud Atlas)

Wednesday 12th September: Isaac Sachs' airplane is blown up by Bill Smoke. (Cloud Atlas)

Monday 17th September: Robert Michael Fischer born. (Sydney, Australia) (Inception)

Monday 1st October: San Francisco Examiner headline: "Oil Lobbyist Arrested in Swannekke Island Scandal." Javier Gomez tells Luisa Rey that the adventure would make a good book. (San Francisco, California) (Cloud Atlas)

Friday 5th October: The Mother and the Whore is released. (The Squid and the Whale)

Saturday 6th October: Yom Kippur War begins. (Ayam El-Sadat)

Saturday 20th October: Solicitor General Robert Bork dismisses Watergate special prosecutor Archibald Cox; Attorney General Richardson and Deputy Attorney General Ruckelshaus resign in protest. (Nixon)

Thursday 25th October: President Nixon vetoes the War Powers Resolution, which would limit presidential power to commit armed forces abroad without Congressional approval. (Nixon)

Monday 5th November: Donald Segretti is sentenced to six months in prison. (All the President's Men)

Friday 16th November: Richard Nixon declares that America (Nixon)

Saturday 17th November: Richard Nixon tells a group of newspaper editors that he is "not a crook." (Orlando, Florida) (Nixon)

Sunday 25th November: Richard M. Nixon calls for a Sunday ban on the sale of gasoline to consumers. (Nixon)

Sunday 25th November: Richard M. Nixon calls for a Sunday ban on the sale of gasoline to consumers. (Nixon)

Thursday 6th December: Susie Salmon is murdered by her neighbour George Harvey. (Norristown, Pennsylvania) (The Lovely Bones)

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