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Astronaut Landon graduates college, as 'the golden boy'.

Friday 14th January: Astronauts Dodge, Landon, Stewart, and Taylor leave Cape Kennedy aboard Liberty 1 and go through a Hasslein Curve.


Astronauts travel 3000 years into the future and bring back talking apes, who are killed by the police and the investigation files sealed.


23rd March: Taylor starts recording a message after aging six months on Liberty 1.

27th March: Taylor finishes recording his transmission in which he wonders if there is something better than human life.


Three astronauts, Taylor, Landon and Dodge, go through a Hasslein Curve ending up not in the Constellation of Orion as Taylor theorizes, but in their own future where Apes have taken over what's left of a post-Atomic War Earth. (Somewhere near NYC in the Nuclear Destroyed Future)


There's a planet, full of apes, looking suspiciously familiar... George Taylor detonates a bomb and destroys Earth.


Dr. Cornelius, a chimpanzee scientist, discovers artifacts of a civilization ruled by humans. His theory suggests that apes evolved from humans. (Forbidden Zone)


25th November: Taylor, Dodge, and Landon awaken from hibernation and discover Stewart's decayed corpse. Liberty 1 sinks in the water. They get out and begin looking for civilization. (Forbidden Zone)

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