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Joshua and Naomi Collins, along with their son Barnabas, sail to North America. (Liverpool, England)


The Collins family, now living in the fishing port they established, begin building Collinwood Manor. (Collinsport, Maine)


Barnabas Collins rejects his family's servant, Angelique Bouchard. Being a witch, she exacts her revenge by putting a spell on his lover Josette du Pres that makes her walk off a cliff. Barnabus turns into a vampire and is buried in a coffin by an angry mob. (Collinsport, Maine)


Elizabeth Collins Stoddard gives birth to her daughter Carolyn, who will become a werewolf. (Collinsport, Maine)


David Collins is born. (Collinsport, Maine)


David Collins' mother dies. He refuses to accept it. (Collinsport, Maine)


Dr. Julia Hoffman is hired to make David Collins feel better about his problems concerning his mother. (Collinsport, Maine)


October: Caretaker Willie Loomis believed that this was the time when he met Barnabas Collins while he was drunk. (Collinsport, Maine)


Saturday 26th February: Alice Cooper performs at the Winnipeg Arena. (Winnipeg, California)

October: Barnabas Collins' coffin is discovered by construction workers. He makes his way to Collinwood Manor, where he meets his new family. (Collinsport, Maine)

Friday 13th October: Angelique tries to buy out the Collins fish company. She and Barnabas have sex, which he later regrets. (Collinsport, Maine)


Carolyn Stoddard wants to move to New York when she turns 16. (New York City)

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