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Walter Burgundy is born. (San Diego, CA)


Sunday 4th March: Brick Tamland swims ashore and is presumed dead. (Hawaii)

September: News anchor Mack Tannen retires. Veronica Corningstone becomes the first nightly female news anchor, and her husband Ron Burgundy is fired. The two of them separate. (New York City, New York)


March: Ron Burgundy's team joins Global News Network. (New York City, New York)

Monday 3rd March: Champ Kind's mother dies. The last thing that she says is that she always loved Brian Fantana.

Tuesday 4th March: Brick Tamland arrives at his gravestone, believing that he is dead. He is reunited with Ron Burgundy, Brian Fantana, and Champ Kind.

Monday 17th March: Brick Tamland wears green as he does the weather against a green screen. (New York City, New York)

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