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Movie events on the 5th October


Chester A. Arthur is born. (North Fairfield, Vermont) (Cattle King)


Tom Chaney murders Frank Ross. His daughter Mattie wants revenge. (Fort Smith, Arkansas) (True Grit)


Painter Eben Adams crashes on the rocks along the Land's End coast during a tidal storm only he expected; here he finds and again loses his supernatural muse, Jennie Appleton, to the overwhelming waves pounding the shore. (Land's End, Massachusetts) (Portrait of Jennie)


Artist/Poet Chrsity Brown marries Mary Carr. (County Kerry, Ireland) (My Left Foot)


The Mother and the Whore is released. (The Squid and the Whale)


A bomb destroys a pub killing 5 and seriously injuring 75 people. (Guildford, England) (In the Name of the Father)


Ted Striker is blamed for the failed test flight of the lunar shuttle XR 2300. (Airplane II: The Sequel)


James Pratt goes to a high school and shoots Margaret Brandt. (Gardner, Indiana) (Runaway Jury)


At S-Mart, Ash tells his story to someone, kills an old Deadite lady, and kisses a woman. (Michigan) (Army of Darkness)


Jake Hoyt is taken on a 24hour hell ride through the mean streets of L.A. and the world of corrupt cops with the help of Alonzo Harris. (Los Angeles, California ) (Training Day)


October Fest (Highlands, New Jersey) (Jersey Girl)


Around 4 in the morning Micah and Katie get seriously haunted. Loud footsteps are heard through the house, lights flip off and the bedroom door slams shut. (San Diego, CA USA) (Paranormal Activity)

At dinner time Katie and Micah hear glass breaking, discovering the glass of a photoframe is cracked. The psycic medium, Dr. Fredichs visits Katie and Micah for the second time. He does the smart thing and leaves the house immidiately. (San Diego, CA USA) (Paranormal Activity)

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