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Dahlia Iyad is born on a farm. (Near Haifa, Palestine)

Dahlia Iyad's father and brother are killed by Israeli commandos.


Dahlia, her sister, and her mother are expelled and live in a desert refugee camp.


Dahlia's mother dies of typhus.


Dahlia's sister is raped in the war.


Dahlia lives in a refugee camp. (Jordan)

Dahlia stops living at the refugee camp after eight years. (Gaza, Pelestine)


Dahlia is sent by Arab League to Beirut University. (Beirut, Lebanon)


Friday 10th February: Lieutenant Commander Michael J. Lander of the United States Navy is captured while fire-bombing a civilian hospital. (Near Ninh Bihn, Vietnam)


Dahlia is sent to Geneva. (Geneva, Switzerland)


Monday 25th December: Michael J. Lander receives a photo of his wife Margaret and their kids. He wonders who took the picture.


Michael J. Lander is released from captivity. Dahlia Iyad joins the Black September movement.

August: Students are seen outside of a university. (Beirut, Lebanon)


January: Students are seen outside of a university. (Beirut, Lebanon)


Wednesday 12th November: Kabov takes a tape. (Beirut, Lebanon)

Friday 14th November: Good Year blimp flies over football game. (Los Angeles, California)

Monday 17th November: Major Kabov presents a tape. (Washington, D.C.)

Saturday 22nd November: Photos from Lebanon are analyzed. (Washington, D.C.)

Sunday 23rd November: Dahlia and Michael take a shipment. (Long Beach, California)

Wednesday 3rd December: Dahlia and Michael test a weapon. (Mojave Desert, California)

Saturday 6th December: Kabov is given information on Dahlia Iyad by Colonel Riaf. (Miami, Florida)

Wednesday 31st December: Dahlia is told that Americans know her identity. (Miami, Florida)


Thursday 1st January: Gunfight at Edward Hotel. (Miami, Florida)

Thursday 8th January: The Dallas Cowboys and the Pittsburgh Steelers arrive in Miami to prepare to play Super Bowl X. (Miami, Florida)

Sunday 18th January: Superbowl between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Dallas Cowboys is interrupted by a terrorist attempt involving the hijacked Goodyear blimp. (Miami, Florida)

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