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Wednesday 16th March: A bout de souffle is released. (France)


February: Joan and Bernard Berkman see A bout de souffle at the Thalia Theatre with the Dicksteins. (New York City)

Wednesday 3rd September: Walt Berkman is born. (Brooklyn, New York)


Wednesday 9th September: The Wild Child is released in the US. Many people like it. (United States)


Friday 5th October: The Mother and the Whore is released.


Frank Berkman is born. (Brooklyn, New York)


Walt and his mom duck out of Julie Glynn's party to watch Robin Hood on TV. (New York City)


Friday 30th November: A Pink Floyd album called The Wall is released.


Joan Berkman has an affair with Otto's father. (New York City)


Joan Berkman stops dating Otto's father. (New York City)


April: Joan and Bernard Berkman separate. They take joint custody of their sons Walt and Frank. (Brooklyn, New York)

Tuesday 15th April: International Creative Management, Inc. sends a letter to Bernard Berkman. (Brooklyn, New York)

May: Walt plays "Hey You" at the school talent show. (Brooklyn, New York)

Friday 9th May: Short Circuit is released. (United States)

Friday 19th September: Blue Velvet is released. (United States)

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