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Monday 24th April: Easter Rebellion begins. (Dublin, Ireland)


January: The Irish War of Independence is fought against the United Kingdom. (Ireland)


Sunday 21st November: The Bloody Sunday massacre leaves more than 30 British and IRA troops dead. (Dublin, Ireland)


Irish patriot Michael Collins dies.

Tuesday 10th January: Arthur Griffith is elected president of the newly established Irish Free State.

Wednesday 28th June: The Irish Civil War between the IRA and the Irish Free State begins. (Ireland)

Tuesday 22nd August: Michael Collins is killed in an ambush. (West County Cork, Ireland)

Tuesday 22nd August: Michael Collins is assassinated by a member of the Irish Republican Army. (Cork County, Ireland)

Wednesday 6th December: The United Kingdom and Ireland sign the Anglo-Irish Treaty, which establishes the Irish Free State. (Ireland; United Kingdom)


Sunday 24th June: Eamon de Valera resigns as President of Ireland at the age of 90. (Ireland)


Friday 29th August: Eamon de Valera dies. (Dublin, Ireland)

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