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Sunday 27th May: Kenneth H. Dahlberg is awarded the Distinguished Service Cross .


Howard Hunt begins working for the CIA.


Howard Hunt is connected to the Eisenhower campaign.


Ted Kennedy suffers an accident. (Chappaquiddick)


Howard Hunt ends work for the CIA.


Woodward begins working for the Washington Post.


Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein uncover Watergate. (Washington DC)

Wednesday 1st March: John Mitchell begins his job as Nixon's campaign manager.

Wednesday 15th March: Earliest phone call made to the GOP from Watergate burglars.

Monday 10th April: Date of incriminating cashiers check written out to Kenneth H Dahlberg.

Saturday 17th June: The break-in at the Democratic National Committee occurs.

Monday 24th July: Story in the New York Times published about calls to the GOP offices linked to Watergate.

August: The Washington Post publishes the Dahlberg story.

September: The Washington Post publishes the Mitchell story.

October: The Washington Post learns Ken Clawson is alleged to have written the Canuck letter.


Thursday 11th January: Howard Hunt pleads guilty to three counts of conspiracy.

Friday 17th August: Jeb Stuart Magruder pleads guilty to helping plan Watergate break-in.

Monday 5th November: Donald Segretti is sentenced to six months in prison.


Tuesday 26th February: Herbert Kalmbach pleads guilty to illegal White House fundraising.

Saturday 6th April: Dwight Chapin guilty of lying to Grand Jury.

Friday 12th April: Herbert Porter gets 30 days for lying to the FBI.

Friday 17th May: Richard Kleindienst enters guilty plea.

Tuesday 4th June: Charles Colson pleads guilty to felony obstruction.

Tuesday 6th August: Tapes show Richard Nixon approved Watergate cover-up.

Friday 9th August: Richard Nixon resigns; Gerald Ford sworn in.


Thursday 2nd January: John Mitchell, John Ehrlichman and Bob Haldeman are found guilty on all counts.

Thursday 13th March: Maurice Stans admits guilt to charge of illegal fundraising.

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