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Movie history events from 1997

According to Lucy Wyman, Jenna Rink's slip dress is of this year. (13 Going On 30)

Curtis Connors loses his arm. (New York City, New York) (The Amazing Spider-Man)

Ryan Grimm moves to East Great Falls. Erik Stifler becomes his friend and gives him pointers during second grade. (East Great Falls, Michigan) (American Pie 5: The Naked Mile)

Tony Mendez's Intelligence Star is returned to him in 1997, when the Argo operation is declassified by President Clinton. (Argo)

Austin Powers is defrosted. (Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery)

Mr. and Mrs. De Tessant die. (Away We Go)

Ashley, daughter of Lily and Lowell, is born. (Chicago, Illinois) (Away We Go)

Students who will one day be taught by Elizabeth Halsey are born. (Chicago, Illinois) (Bad Teacher)

Batman, Robin and Batgirl battle Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy (Gothem City) (Batman and Robin)

Sonny Koufax files for social security. (Manhattan, New York) (Big Daddy)

Adam Webber leaves his family (Blast from the Past)

After being released from prison, Elwood Blues tries to revamp the Blues Brothers with a new lineup. (Joliet, Illinois) (Blues Brothers 2000)

A boy who will not have a girlfriend when he's 17 is born. (The Bounty Hunter)

Marie Helena Kreutz spends a couple of months here. (Near Riom, France) (The Bourne Identity)

A year that Jason Bourne types in a search engine. (The Bourne Supremacy)

Marty Huggins meets his future wife Mitzi. (Pine Crest, North Carolina) (The Campaign)

Marty Huggins meets his future wife Mitzi. (Pine Crest, North Carolina) (The Campaign)

Serial killer Carl Stargher buys an albino German Shepherd pup, licenses it & names him Valentine. (Woodcrest, Ca.) (The Cell)

Robbie Weaver is born. (Crazy, Stupid, Love)

Dante's Peak erupts. (Washington) (Dante's Peak)

A massive explosion in the Lincoln Tunnel traps a group of survivors inside, led out by taxi driver Kip Litora. (New York) (Daylight)

Armadyne starts powering Elysium. (Elysium)

Narrowly avoiding the twin towers, the US President's plane crash-lands in Manhattan, now a top-security prison. (New York) (Escape From New York)

Brad and Caroline Sexton hide from the IRS in an Amish community. (For Richer or Poorer)

George Simmons cheats on Laura and doesn't marry her. (California) (Funny People)

Don Michael Corleone dies. (The Godfather: Part III)

Bruce is born. (Hotel for Dogs)

Burt and Anton's Magical Friendship show begins. (The Incredible Burt Wonderstone)

Ollie becomes a pariah. (Highlands, New Jersey) (Jersey Girl)

Mindy Macready is born. (New York City, NY) (Kick-Ass)

A postal truck runs over Ben Stone while he's in high school. He gets a settlement. (Vancouver, British Columbia) (Knocked Up)

Jonathan Kent dies in a tornado. (Smallville, Kansas) (Man of Steel)

Agents J and K foil an intergalactic plot and prevent the destruction of the Earth. (Men in Black)

Jack Harris helps Wayne Beering and Buck Dolby work on selling internet pornography. (Los Angeles, California) (Middle Men)

Kris begins second grade. (Springwood, Ohio) (A Nightmare on Elm Street)

Joanna sleeps with Ron Lumbergh. (Office Space)

Ron Lumbergh moves to Atlanta. (Atlanta, Georgia) (Office Space)

An alien hunter threatens the city. (Los Angeles) (Predator 2)

A female chimpanzee who will one day be known as Bright Eyes is born. (Africa) (Rise of the Planet of the Apes)

Brian Fellman is born. (Detroit, Michigan) (RoboCop)

Martin Isby is born. (RoboCop)

Emill Rivera is born. (RoboCop)

Greg Lewis is born. (RoboCop)

Romy White and Michelle Weinbeger attend their 10 year high school reunion. (Arizona) (Romy and Michele's High School Reunion)

At her sister's wedding, Sarah Huttinger learns her family is the basis for the book 'The Graduate'. (California) (Rumor Has It)

After the murder of two people who attended a special screening of the movie Stab, Sydney and her friends try to find out who did it. (Windsor College, Ohio) (Scream 2)

Catalina Wine Mixer becomes biggest helicopter leasing event in western hemisphere. (Catalina, CA) (Step Brothers)

Seth draws penises and gets in trouble when Becca sees one of his drawings. (Superbad)

Phillippe Neuville is killed. (Tell No One)

Margot Beck is seemingly murdered by a serial killer. (Tell No One)

Sarah Connor dies from leukemia. Her ashes are tossed at sea. (Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines)

Evey's political activist parents are killed. (V for Vendetta)

A volcano erupts. (Los Angeles) (Volcano)

Ben Cappadora Ned Devine wins (Chicago, IL) (Waking Ned)

Dylan Mee is born. (Los Angeles, California) (We Bought a Zoo)

Columbus has his first orthodontist appointment, gets his first B and goes to his first dance, which is ladies' choice. Nobody chooses him. (Zombieland)

Wichita sees her first R-rated movie ("Anaconda"), gets her first tattoo (a porpoise, fake) and has her first kiss (Scotty Lynch). (Zombieland)

Saturday 4th January: Jason Bourne joins the CIA. (The Bourne Ultimatum)

Sunday 5th January: Michael Lee Bradshaw dies. (Rennie's Landing)

Saturday 18th January: A date stamped in Jason Bourne's passport. (The Bourne Supremacy)

Wednesday 29th January: The date on a sign in a comic book store that says "THE FORCE WILL BE HERE". (Paul)

Sunday 23rd February: Scientists clone a sheep named Dolly. (The 6th Day)

Friday 28th February: Two bank robbers face off against Los Angeles police officers and a SWAT team. (United States) (44 Minutes: The North Hollywood Shoot-Out)

April: Holden McNeil prints a run of his personal comic Chasing Amy. (Chasing Amy)

April: Will Hunting's probation period begins. (Boston, Mass.) (Good Will Hunting)

Thursday 10th April: HMS Devonshire is sunk of the coast of China. The British claim the ship was in international waters, while the Chinese say it had strayed into their territory. (South China Sea) (Tomorrow Never Dies)

Friday 11th April: Machine-gunned bodies of 17 British sailors are recovered by Vietnamese Government. Ballistic reports show that the ammunition used is the same as that used by the Chinese military. (Vietnam) (Tomorrow Never Dies)

Friday 11th April: Machine-gunned bodies of 17 British sailors are recovered by Vietnamese Government. Ballistic reports show that the ammunition used is the same as that used by the Chinese military. (Vietnam) (Tomorrow Never Dies)

Friday 11th April: The Carver Global Satellite Network is launched, but a curious power outage interrupts Elliot Carver's inaugural broadcast in mid-speech. (Hamburg, Germany) (Tomorrow Never Dies)

Saturday 12th April: The body Paris Carver, wife of media mogul Elliot Carver, is found in a hotel room with the body of an unidentified man. (Hamburg, Germany) (Tomorrow Never Dies)

Sunday 13th April: War between the Chinese and British is averted by a joint covert op between MI6 & Chinese secret service exposes the existence of a "stealth ship," which had been playing both sides against the other. (South China Sea) (Tomorrow Never Dies)

Monday 14th April: MI6 releases statement to the press stating that Elliot Carver died while on a cruise on his yacht in the South China Sea - authorities believe his death to be a suicide. (London, England) (Tomorrow Never Dies)

Sunday 27th April: Andrew Cunanan begins his killing spree. (Minneapolis, Minnesota) (The Versace Murder)

May: Banky Edwards and Alyssa Jones are guests at a New York comic con, where they are reunited with Holden McNeil. (Chasing Amy)

June: Albus Dumbledore is murdered by Snape using the killing curse. (Hogwarts) (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince)

Monday 30th June: Detective Inspector Lee and his special task force crush Juntao's organization and recover artifacts from 5000 years of China's heritage. (Hong Kong, China) (Rush Hour)

Monday 30th June: Detective Inspector Lee and his special task force crush Juntao's organization and recover artifacts from 5000 years of China's heritage. (Hong Kong, China) (Rush Hour)

Tuesday 8th July: Dre Parker is born. (Detroit, MI) (The Karate Kid)

Wednesday 9th July: Ben Willis kills David Egan because he blames him for the death of his daughter. On the way home, he is hit by a car full of teens. Helen, Julie, Barry, and Ray dump him in a harbor. (Southport, North Carolina) (I Know What You Did Last Summer)

Monday 14th July: Cyrus Grissom plans a skyjacking of a prison transfer plane, and is foiled by parolee Cameron Poe, who has been released for his daughter's birthday so he can finally meet her. (Con Air)

Tuesday 15th July: Gianni Versace murdered in Cunanan killing spree. (Miami, Florida) (The Versace Murder)

August: Roderick meets Burt during the Burning Man festival. (Black Rock Desert, Nevada) (Away We Go)

August: Bobby Boucher is fired by Coach Red Beaulieu. (Louisiana) (The Waterboy)

Monday 4th August: Skynet goes online. (The Terminator)

Wednesday 6th August: Microsoft pays $150 million for a minority stake in its struggling rival, Apple Computers. (Pirates of Silicon Valley)

Saturday 16th August: Telli Hays is trapped in a research center at Saint Haley Mill's University and is forced to listen to country music no stop. Turning her into Two-Step Telli. (Pleasant Storm, Iowa) (Bradman)

Friday 29th August: Machines destroy the Earth, or they don (Terminator 2: Judgment Day)

Friday 29th August: Judgement Day- 3 billion people die as a result of Skynet's artificial intelligence (Terminator 2: Judgment Day)

Friday 29th August: Skynet becomes self-aware, and destroys human civilisation. (The Terminator)

Friday 29th August: Captain Insano opens a can of whoop-ass on Herculon at the Expedition Center. (Baton Rouge, Louisiana) (The Waterboy)

Sunday 31st August: Diana, Princess of Wales, dies after suffering massive chest injuries in an early morning car accident. (Paris, France) (The Queen)

September: Will Hunting solves a graduate-level problem that Prof Gerald Lambeau leaves on a chalkboard for his students, hoping someone might find the solution by the end of the semester. (Boston, Mass.) (Good Will Hunting)

September: Inspector Lee and Detective Carter team up to save Soo Yung from Juntao. (Los Angeles, CA) (Rush Hour)

September: A bomb explodes at the American Consulate while Detective James Carter and Chief Inspector Lee are on vacation. (Hong Kong, China) (Rush Hour 2)

September: Bobby Boucher plays football for South Central Louisiana State University Mud Dogs, coached by Coach Klein. He is also the team's waterboy. (Louisiana) (The Waterboy)

Wednesday 24th September: Sean Archer disguised as Castor Troy escapes from prison. (Los Angeles, California) (Face/Off)

Wednesday 1st October: Theorizing about why city maintenance workers are trying to fix the flooded subway tunnel, Jerry Fletcher says, "Well water mains don't usually break unless it's wintertime. The pipes burst open because it's cold, it's only the first of October." (New York, NY) (Conspiracy Theory)

Friday 10th October: Predators arrive for their feasting ritual on xenomorphs and humans and encounter human excavation group which destorys the pyramid. (Bouvet Island, Antarctica) (Alien Vs. Predator)

Thursday 16th October: The Jupiter II, en route for Alpha Centauri, blasted off on October 16th, 1997. The film based on the series, Lost in Space (1998), began production in 1997. (Lost in Space)

Thursday 6th November: John Donaghy, father of Amelia Donaghy, commits suicide. Amelia is the first person to find his body. (New York City) (The Bone Collector)

Friday 7th November: Starship Troopers, which Neil Patrick Harris stars in, is released and is the inspiration behind Ron Fox's desire to become a federal agent. (Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay)

Friday 28th November: Carter sees Luke on Thanksgiving. (Los Angeles, CA) (Rush Hour)

Friday 28th November: Carter sees Luke on Thanksgiving. (Los Angeles, CA) (Rush Hour)

Sunday 30th November: Aside from a small pocket of resistance in an isolated area of the African Congo, the alien threat has been neutralized - and the world begins to rise from the ashes. Reconstruction begins immediately as the big cities, monuments and landmarks of the world are slowly restored to their former glory. (Independence Day: Resurgence)

December: Bobby's mother pretends that she is ill and Bobby stays with her at the hospital. (Louisiana) (The Waterboy)

December: Gary has an overdose. Andy drives him to the hospital four times over the limit and ends up rolling the car and almost severing his femoral artery, at which point Gary makes a "miraculous recovery" and runs off into the night, leaving Andy to get arrested after twelve hours of life-saving surgery. (UK) (The World's End)

Sunday 7th December: Martin Asher kills someone. (Taking Lives)

Thursday 11th December: A man's passport is issued. (The Bourne Identity)

Friday 12th December: Elijah P. Rogers dies. (New York City, New York) (Kick-Ass 2)

Sunday 21st December: Jack Frost goes to an island in the Pacific. (Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman)

Monday 22nd December: People use bananas to destroy Jack's babies. (Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman)

Tuesday 23rd December: Jack Frost is defeated. (Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman)

Wednesday 31st December: Vicki Vaillancourt gathers people together to show support for Bobby. (Louisiana) (The Waterboy)

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