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The first T-800 Terminator arrives from the future to kill Sarah Conner; Kyle Reese follows him to help Sarah.

Saturday 12th May: Kyle Reese holds an officer at gunpoint to find out what year it is. (Los Angeles, California)

Saturday 19th May: Sarah Connor submits her time card at Big Jeff's Burgers. (Los Angeles, California)

Saturday 10th November: Sarah Connor tapes a message for her unborn son and debates whether to tell him about his father that was sent by him from the future to protect her. (Mexico)


February: Future saviour John Connor born.


Monday 4th August: Skynet goes online.

Friday 29th August: Skynet becomes self-aware, and destroys human civilisation.


Kyle Reese joins the human resistance.


In the time of major war, Reese is sent back in time to help save the humans from the machines.

The Terminator is sent from the future to prevent the birth of John Connor


T-850 sent back to 1997.

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