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Robert Boucher leaves his 4-month pregnant wife Helen for a voodoo lady named Phyllis and changes his name to Roberto. Bobby is born later that year. (Louisiana)


Bobby Boucher becomes a waterboy for the University of Louisiana Cougars. (Louisiana)


Coach Red Beaulieu tells someone to fire Bobby, but that person thinks he's kidding. (Louisiana)


August: Bobby Boucher is fired by Coach Red Beaulieu. (Louisiana)

Friday 29th August: Captain Insano opens a can of whoop-ass on Herculon at the Expedition Center. (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)

September: Bobby Boucher plays football for South Central Louisiana State University Mud Dogs, coached by Coach Klein. He is also the team's waterboy. (Louisiana)

December: Bobby's mother pretends that she is ill and Bobby stays with her at the hospital. (Louisiana)

Wednesday 31st December: Vicki Vaillancourt gathers people together to show support for Bobby. (Louisiana)


January: Bobby arrives at the Bourbon Bowl and his team wins. (Louisiana)

Thursday 1st January: People show up at the hospital to show support for Bobby. His mother reveals to him that she was faking her illness and that his father left her. (Louisiana)

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