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Monday 11th May: Bob Marley dies from cancer at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital.


James Taylor meets his quota

Friday 13th August: Fast Times at Ridgemont High is released in theaters.


Friday 15th July: Die Hard is released.


Friday 29th July: The Mask, which Cameron Diaz stars in, is released.


While in high school, Ira Wright Wiener creates his email address (Los Angeles, California)


George Simmons cheats on Laura and doesn't marry her. (California)


Wednesday 15th July: There's Something About Mary, which Cameron Diaz stars in, is released.


Thursday 15th May: The Matrix Reloaded is released.

August: Myspace is launched.


Roger Waters plays Dark Side of the Moon at a corporate gig for Myspace. (Beverly Hills, California)

Sarah Silverman meets Kanye West during Barack Obama's presidential campaign.


Daisy moves out of her old home.

Monday 29th June: A Wilco concert takes place at the Greek Theatre. (Berkeley, California)

July: George Simmons' doctor tells him that he has leukemia and that he might have only six months left to live.

July: The film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is released. (UK & USA)

July: George asks Ira to write jokes for him after he sees his act.

July: James Taylor plays at a corporate gig for Myspace. Ira and George do stand-up comedy following his performance.

Wednesday 15th July: Leo Koenig posts his Cute Cuddly Kittens video on YouTube under his username, MrLeoKoenig.

August: Daisy sleeps with Mark Taylor Jackson. Leo sees Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Mark tries to get the role of Tobey Maguire's character's younger brother in a movie.

Thursday 26th November: George has Thanksgiving dinner with Ira and his friends.

December: Clarke goes on a business trip. George finds out that he's getting better. George and Ira do a stand-up comedy show in San Francisco, and see Laura and her family while they're there.

Friday 4th December: Brothers, which Mark doesn't have a role in, is released.

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