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Michael Corleone's investiture. (New York)

Sunday 6th August: Pope Paul VI dies. (Castel Gandolfo, Italy)

Thursday 28th September: Pope John Paul I dies. (Vatican City)


Michael Corleone forges financial links with the Vatican; his daughter Mary is murdered leaving the Palermo Opera House.

Thursday 15th November: FINANCIAL TIMES contains article titled "Building an Empire: Corleone Proposal for New Immobiliare".


Monday 24th March: Chief Accountant Frederick Keinszig is seen leaving the offices of International Immobialiare. (Vatican City)

Thursday 27th March: New York Post mistakenly says Wednesday and has the headline: "John Paul I Outlines Administrative Overhaul - Vatican Bank Being Restructured." International Herald Tribune mistakenly says Friday and has the headline: "New Pope Announces Investigation Into Vatican Bank Affairs."


Don Michael Corleone dies.

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