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Movie events on the 9th July


Zachary Taylor dies of cholera morbus. (Washington, DC) (Rebellion)


Babe Ruth is purchased by the Boston Red Sox from Baltimore for more than $25,000. (The Babe)


The Glass Tower dedication ceremony as the tallest building in the world goes up in flames, literally. (San Francisco, CA) (The Towering Inferno)


The events of Friday the 13th Part 3 begin. (Friday the 13th Part 3: 3D)


Ben Willis kills David Egan because he blames him for the death of his daughter. On the way home, he is hit by a car full of teens. Helen, Julie, Barry, and Ray dump him in a harbor. (Southport, North Carolina) (I Know What You Did Last Summer)


Darcy tells Rachel that she cheated on Dex. (New York City) (Something Borrowed)


Nick speaks to attorney Tanner Bolt. (Missouri) (Gone Girl)


An article titled, "Prometheus: An innovative new technology for interstellar travel" is published. (San Francisco, California) (Prometheus)

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