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Movie history events from 1876

Leopold, Duke of Albany, is accidentally transported to 2001. (New York, New York) (Kate & Leopold)

Captain Nathan Algren arrives in Japan. (Japan) (The Last Samurai)

Sarah Bellows is born (Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark)

The soon-to-be-villainous El Guapo is born. (Mexico) (Three Amigos)

Carl starts working on compressed magma from Mount Vesuvius. (Van Helsing)

12th January: Jack London is born. (San Francisco, California) (Jack London)

19th April: A commission votes not to rehire policeman Wyatt Earp after he beats up a candidate for County Sheriff. (Wichita, Kansas) (Wyatt Earp)

24th April: Erich Raeder, future commander of the German Navy, is born. (Nuremberg)

28th April: Brooklyn Bridge is unveiled. (Kate & Leopold)

22nd June: General Santa Anna dies. (Mexico City) (Heroes of the Alamo)

25th June: Battle of Little Bighorn (Little Bighorn, Montana) (Little Big Man)

26th June: Major Marcus Reno takes command of 7th Cavalry. (southern Montana) (Custer of the West)

4th July: Jonah Hex defeats Quentin Turnbull, stopping Turnbull's plan to destroy Washington D.C. (Washington D.C.) (Jonah Hex)

4th July: At the Centennial Rifle Shoot, judged by Wyatt Earp, Lin McAdam wins a Winchester rifle after shooting a hole through a postage stamp affixed to a coin-sized trinket while in mid air; loser Dutch Henry Brown ambushes Lin and steals the rifle. (Dodge City, Kansas) (Winchester '73)

2nd August: "Wild Bill" Hickok is murdered. (Deadwood, South Dakota) (Wild Bill)

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