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Movie history events from 1976

Oceania's coal output is 605 million tons. (1984)

Frank Lucas is arrested and convicted for drug trafficking. (New York City) (American Gangster)

Randy Daytona is born. (Balls of Fury)

Marie Helena Kreutz is born. (The Bourne Identity)

In kindergarten at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School, Holden McNeil and Banky Edwards start a twenty year friendship. (Chasing Amy)

Michael Newman camps with his parents. His dad starts doing the quarter trick. (Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire) (Click)

Swine flu vaccine kills people. (Contagion)

After losing his job with Taft Aerospace, Dick Harper and his wife Jane turn to crime to support themelves. (California) (Fun with Dick and Jane)

The Eagles hire Dick Vermeil to take over as head coach. During his press conference, he announces an open try-out to make the team. Of the thousands that show up, only Vince Papale is invited to training camp. (Philadelphia, Pa.) (Invincible)

King Kong is again discovered on Skull Island and let loose - again - on New York City. (King Kong)

Randy Weir is in the trade. (Little Fockers)

Thomas Popper Jr. receives a snow globe of Paris, France from his father, who is in Marrakech. (New York City) (Mr. Popper's Penguins)

Israeli officer Avner is debriefed by Mossad. (Munich)

Dr. Robert Neville captures a member of The Family and kills him after trying to experiment on him. (Los Angeles, California) (The Omega Man)

Rocky Balboa marries Adrian and they have s son, Robert "Rocky" Jr. (Rocky II)

Xavier Smith is Freestyle Roller Skating Champion. (Chicago, Illinois) (Roll Bounce)

Fyorodovich Chenkov and Anja Nurekyova have a child. One month later, the child is back in the hospital because it has a fever. The child dies days later. The real Chenkov baby is alive and becomes the property of another man who plans who destroy America. (Russia) (Salt)

Steven Sing is born. (Saw)

The American Basketball Association announces it will merge the four best teams in it to the NBA. The rest of the teams will be abolished. (Semi-Pro)

Basketball team The Flint Tropics fight to be in the top 4 in the American Basketball Association. (Michigan) (Semi-Pro)

Fires start in Silent Hill. (Silent Hill, West Virginia) (Silent Hill)

Bo "Bandit" Darvill and Cledus "Snowman" Snow bring 400 cases of Coors beer 1800 miles from Texarkana to Atlanta in less than 28 hours, winning $80,000. (atlanta, georgia) (Smokey and the Bandit)

David Cassidy and Olivia d'Abo travel back in time to 1976 to retrieve pieces of American history (The Spirit of '76)

Barry Nathan meets Matt Franklin. (Los Angeles, California) (Take Me Home Tonight)

Spinal Tap tour North America. (This is Spinal Tap)

Sean Jackson is born. (Los Angeles, California) (Valentine's Day)

Dewey Cox gets an offer from CBS to host a variety show. (Malibu, California) (Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story)

Bolivar Trask revolutionizes the world of prosthetics through DNA-generated artificial limbs. (X-Men: Days of Future Past)

The Homeland Mutant Response Division is established two years after the FCMA has findings. (X-Men: Days of Future Past)

Thursday 1st January: Gunfight at Edward Hotel. (Miami, Florida) (Black Sunday)

Thursday 1st January: Dick Vermeil's UCLA Bruins defeat the Ohio State Buckeyes in the Rose Bowl. (Pasadena, Ca) (Invincible)

Sunday 4th January: Rocky Balboa shocks the boxing world by lasting 15 rounds with heavyweight champ Apollo Creed - though Creed wins. (Rocky)

Thursday 8th January: The Dallas Cowboys and the Pittsburgh Steelers arrive in Miami to prepare to play Super Bowl X. (Miami, Florida) (Black Sunday)

Sunday 18th January: Superbowl between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Dallas Cowboys is interrupted by a terrorist attempt involving the hijacked Goodyear blimp. (Miami, Florida) (Black Sunday)

February: Soviet Union figure skating exhibition. (Innsbruck) (The Bad News Bears Go to Japan)

Tuesday 10th February: Claire Kuchever is born. (Deja Vu)

Friday 5th March: A letter of commendation for Mark Chapman's work with Vietnamese children is written. (Fort Chaffee, Arkansas) (Chapter 27)

Tuesday 23rd March: Future buriee Paul Conroy is born. (Buried)

Wednesday 26th May: John Scalish dies following heart surgery. John Licavoli takes over as head of the Cleveland mafia. (Cleveland, OH) (Kill The Irishman)

June: Soccer-style kicker Ray Finkle graduates from Collier High, later to become the only pro athlete to come out of Collier County. (Collier County, Fl) (Ace Ventura: Pet Detective)

Thursday 10th June: Adolph Zukor dies. (Los Angeles, California) (Will There Really Be a Morning?)

Monday 14th June: Nicholas Cassidy is born. (Brooklyn, NY) (Man on a Ledge)

Sunday 27th June: Air France Airbus Flight 139, hijacked by the PLO, lands at Entebbe International Airport at the invitation of Idi Amin. Dr Junju is shot dead for helping Dr Nicholas Garrigan - strung up by hooks and left for dead - escape the country. (Uganda) (The Last King of Scotland)

Tuesday 29th June: Travis Bickle begins to get into shape by eating better and exercising in his apartment. (Brooklyn, New York ) (Taxi Driver)

July: Dazed and Confused. (Dazed and Confused)

Sunday 4th July: Coeur d'Alene Indian Reservation, Idaho - Arnold Joseph saves infant Thomas Builds-The-Fire from a burning house. (Smoke Signals)

Monday 5th July: Forrest Gump leaves his house and heads from coast to coast across America, because he "felt like running". (Greenbow, Alabama) (Forrest Gump)

Monday 5th July: A new comedy drama opens by Richard Collier. (Somewhere In Time)

Thursday 8th July: Hannibal Lecter savages a nurse during a medical examination. (Red Dragon)

Wednesday 21st July: Eugene "The Animal" Ciasullo is injured in a bomb blast and retires to Florida. (Cleveland, OH) (Kill The Irishman)

Thursday 29th July: David Berkowitz kills Donna Lauria. (Summer of Sam)

Thursday 5th August: "Joliet" Jake Blues is sent to prison for armed robbery. (Joliet, IL) (The Blues Brothers)

Friday 6th August: Brian Jackson's dad dies. (Southend, Essex) (Starter for Ten)

Sunday 22nd August: Leo "Lips" Moceri disappears. (Cleveland, OH) (Kill The Irishman)

Wednesday 8th September: Howard The Duck arrives on Earth. (Howard the Duck)

Sunday 12th September: Texas Stadium: Rookie Vince Papale gives a lackluster performace in his NFL debut, as the NFC Champion Dallas Cowboys crush the Eagles in the season opener. (Irving, Tx) (Invincible)

Sunday 19th September: Veterans Stadium: Vince Papale shines in the home opener against New York, making the 1st tackle of the game & scoring the game-winning TD on a fumble he forced, as the Eagles defeat the Giants, 21-14. (Philadelphia, Pa.) (Invincible)

Friday 24th September: A car belonging to Al Calabrese explodes. Calabrese is unharmed but his neighbor who was driving the car is killed. (Cleveland, OH) (Kill The Irishman)

Tuesday 23rd November: FBI agent Griffin Dowd born. (Untraceable)

Thursday 25th November: Rocky Balboa knocks out Apollo Creed in the 15th round in their rematch. (Philadelphia, PA) (Rocky II)

Friday 26th November: The Band perform their last concert together. (The Last Waltz)

Sunday 5th December: Debbie is not born on this date. (Los Angeles, California) (This Is 40)

Saturday 11th December: An accident takes place at Lillian Steel Corporation. (Lillian, Ohio) (Super 8)

Thursday 16th December: Norma and Arthur Lewis have a box dropped at their front door with a note from Arlington Steward; Mr Steward arrives later and offers an immoral proposal. (Richmond, Virginia) (The Box)

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