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The year on the flag that is on the pole.


A soldier gets a flag off the top of a pole.


Sunday 11th May: Steve Rogers attends a Dodgers game against the Phillies. (Ebbets Field, Brooklyn, New York)


March: Red Skull finds the Cosmic Cube. (Tonsberg, Norway)


Monday 21st June: Dr. Abraham Erskine tells Steve Rogers about Johann Schmidt and how he got the Super Soldier Serum. He also tells him to be a good man rather than a perfect soldier.

Tuesday 22nd June: Super Soldier Serum is injected into Steve Rogers. A HYDRA spy shoots and kills Dr. Abraham Erskine and is stopped by Rogers. (New York City)

Wednesday 23rd June: The New York Examiner headline: "NAZIS IN NEW YORK. MYSTERY MAN SAVES CHILD." (New York City)

November: Five miles from the front, Captain America tries to encourage American soldiers. He also goes to the HYDRA camp in Krausberg to save soldiers, one of whom is his best friend James "Bucky" Barnes. (Italy)

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