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Movie history events from 1921

Ingrid Vassman born, with her original Jewish name. (The Aryan Couple)

Captain Elliott Spenser purchases the demonic Lament Configuration (black puzzle box) from a market in India, which later transforms him into Pinhead (Hellraiser)

An Ancient Egyptian priest called Imhotep is revived when an archaeological expedition led by Sir Joseph Whemple finds Imhotep's mummy. Despite the warning of his friend Dr. Muller, Sir Joseph's assistant Ralph Norton, recklessly reads aloud an ancient life-giving spell. Imhotep escapes from the archaeologists, taking the Scroll of Thoth, and prowls Cairo seeking the reincarnation of the soul of his ancient lover, Princess Ankh-es-en-amon. (Egypt) (The Mummy)

The masked curator of a wax museum turns people into statues and sees his next Marie Antoinette. (Mystery of the Wax Museum)

Prohibition; Noodles and Max go into business against Bugsy, till he exacts his revenge. (New York) (Once Upon a Time in America)

Alvin Straight born. (The Straight Story)

Jem Finch born. (Maycomb, Alabama) (To Kill A Mockingbird)

507 Oleander Dr is built. (Los Angeles, California) (We Bought a Zoo)

Sunday 23rd January: Chesley Burnett Sullenberger III is born. (Denison, Texas) (Friends with Benefits)

Wednesday 2nd March: Mrs. Nellie St. Clair ventures to the London Docks to retrieve a package at the Aberdeen Steamship Co. There she spies a man she thinks is her husband, Neville St. Clair, being assaulted in the upstairs window. She alerts the police who storm the room, finding only a deformed begger and numerous signs of suspected foul play. In her distress, Nellie fails to recognized her husband is actually disguised as the begger. It will take Sherlock Holmes to solve that mystery. (London, England) (The Man With the Twisted Lip)

Thursday 24th March: Maruska Kuder (Poland) (...And Give My Love to the Swallows)

Saturday 16th April: Eric Liddell is guest speaker at an athletics meeting. (East Weymss, Scotland) (Chariots of Fire)

Wednesday 4th May: Mrs Clive Candy hosts an "at home" party. (72 Penang Road, Shanghai, China) (The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp)

Monday 4th July: Jack Torrance appears in a photograph taken at a ball at the Overlook Hotel. (Colorado) (The Shining)

Tuesday 5th July: The "Black Sox" are accused of throwing the World Series. (Eight Men Out)

Saturday 20th August: Jacqueline Susann is born. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) (Isn't She Great)

Wednesday 24th August: Future musical film star Daisy Clover is born. (Angel Beach, CA) (Inside Daisy Clover)

Saturday 1st October: Nina Leeds returns home after working for a year at Alexander Memorial Hospital in Boston Mass, when family friend, "Good Old" Charlie Marsden, wires her that her father, the Professor, has fallen gravely ill. He dies before she can make it home. (Bradson, CT) (Strange Interlude)

December: H├ęctor Rivera gets poisoned by Ernesto De La Cruz and dies at the age of 21. (Mexico) (Coco)

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