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Frank Chapman says that people should count birds instead of counting them.


March: People do a big year.

April: People do a big year.

May: People do a big year.

June: People do a big year.

July: People do a big year.

July: People do a big year.

August: People do a big year.

September: People do a big year.


Brad Harris is born.


A woman changes her name to Annie Auklet.


Kenny Bostick breaks the big year record by spotting 732 bird species.


Monday 31st December: Kenny Bostick, Brad Harris, and Stu Preissler prepare for a big year.


Tuesday 1st January: Stu Preissler spots 29 bird species, Kenny Bostick spots 31, and Brad Harris only spots 1.

Wednesday 13th February: Kenny Bostick and Stu Preissler spot Xantus's Hummingbird in an elderly woman's backyard, their 159th and 158th bird species spotted respectively. (Gibsons, British Columbia)

Wednesday 20th February: Brad spots his 132nd bird species, a Western Tanager. (Joshua Tree, California)

Friday 22nd February: Brad, Stu, and Kenny meet each other on Annie Auklet's ship. (Coos Bay, Oregon)

Saturday 19th April: Fallout begins. (Gulf of Mexico)

Tuesday 22nd April: Fallout ends. (Texas)

Wednesday 14th May: Kenny and Brad make their flight to Attu after Stu misses it due to a meeting in New York. (Attu, Alaska)

Wednesday 21st May: Stu arrives and apologizes to Brad for not telling him he was doing a big year. (Attu, Alaska)

June: Brad Harris on a 14,000 mile trip.

July: Brad has seen 56 bird species on his 14,000 mile trip across 21 states.

Friday 4th July: Stu sits in a hotel room in his boxers.

Wednesday 13th August: Brad spots a flamingo and gets mosquito bites around this time. (Everglades, Florida)

Wednesday 20th August: Brad meets Ellie's boyfriend Darren. (Boston, Massachusetts)

September: Stu's wife Edith gives him a pep talk.

Thursday 2nd October: Brad has spotted 715 birds by this time. Stu has spotted 707, but Brad lies to Kenny by saying it is 730. (Seattle, Washington)

November: Brad and his father spot a great gray owl in the George Washington National Forest in Virginia. Jessica says that she does not want to be married to Kenny anymore.

Thursday 27th November: Annie Auklet helps Brad and Stu spot birds during a rainstorm on Thanksgiving. (Coos Bay, Oregon)

Wednesday 24th December: Kenny eats alone in a Chinese restaurant. (Duluth, Minnesota)

Monday 29th December: Jeff Shaw spots a pink-footed goose. Stu refuses his company's offer.

Tuesday 30th December: Stu helps Brad spot a pink-footed goose, which is his 741st bird species.

Wednesday 31st December: Kenny Bostick spots his 755th bird species, a snowy owl, breaking his own big year record.


Thursday 1st January: Ellie calls Brad and tells her that she broke up with Darren. The two of them start a relationship.

June: Sooty Shearwater migrates north to Hawaii.

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