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Saturday 4th July: The first regatta on the island happens. (Amity Island)


Friday 29th June: 800 men are eaten by sharks after delivering the Hiroshima bomb.


Alex M. Kintner is born. (Amity Island)


Saturday 28th June: Chrissie Watkins is killed by a shark while skinny-dipping. (Amity Island)

Sunday 29th June: Alex M. Kintner is killed by a shark. (Amity Town Beach)

Monday 30th June: A $3000 bounty is placed on the shark. (Amity Island)

Tuesday 1st July: Michael Brody's birthday. (Amity Island)

Wednesday 2nd July: A caught tiger shark is shown to the public but does not contain human remains. (Amity Island)

Thursday 3rd July: Mayor Vaughn refuses to close the beach. (Amity Island)

Friday 4th July: The 50th Annual Regatta is interrupted by a shark. (Amity Island)

Saturday 5th July: Martin Brody and Matt Hooper sail with Quint in search of the shark. (Near Amity Island)

Sunday 6th July: The search for the shark continues. (Near Amity Island)

Monday 7th July: The shark damages the boat's hull. (Near Amity Island)

Tuesday 8th July: Quint dies and the shark is blown up. (Near Amity Island)

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